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127779[dsg] Re: A Female Buddha

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  • connie
    Nov 13 4:10 PM
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      hey Dieter,

      > I assume what is stated is that there will be never a female Sammaasambuddha , i.e. a Fully Enlightened One, who rediscovers and teaches the ancient truths after the true dhamma has disappeared.

      c: that's how i read the sutta, too...

      > Saavakabuddhas are Arahants , enlightened disciples , aren't they ? You are right, there were quite a number of female Arahants (see http://www.urbandharma.org/udharma3/women.html )

      c: yes.

      > I can't recall to have read about paccekabuddhas .As those are supposed to have developed the truths by themselves but not being able repsectively unwilling to teach , their recognition was likely quite difficult.. perhaps only mentioned as a possibilty

      c: speaking of not recognizing them, check out this entry on the 'silent' paccekabuddhas!
      {khaggavisaana: (rhino) with a sword-like horn}
      i don't recall a single solitary female buddha story/mention.

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