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127777Re: Fw: The Storm

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  • Ken H
    Nov 13, 2012
      Hi Herman,

      > H: At the risk of appearing harsh, could I ask you to, rather than wriggle, or make innuendo's about what I probably mean by kamma,

      KH: Why do you object to my making innuendos? Should I not suggest you believe in a controlling self?

      If you prefer I will simply state my opinion: you, Herman, believe in a controlling self.

      > H: just tell me what you mean by kamma? That would just get straight to the point of my question.

      KH: You already know what I mean by kamma. We have had this type of conversation many times before.

      H: You could however fruitfully anticipate future questions, and already bear in mind when answering whether you actually believe that kamma is somehow vipaka.

      KH: I'll admit they are both conditioned dhammas; one is a cetasika and the other a cita. Neither contains a controlling self nor pertains to one in any way. So, from the perspective of sakkaya-ditthi, there is no meaningful difference between kamma and vipaka, or any other dhamma.

      Ken H
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