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127774Re: A Female Buddha

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  • connie
    Nov 13, 2012
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      hi Dieter, RevT,

      > good quotations .. I copied , thanks.

      on further reflection, though, they only answer that a female Sammasambuddha will never be, however: Is each and every arahant a type of buddha or does 'buddha' only apply for the pacceka- and sammaasam-buddhas?

      revisiting the earlier quoted sutta:

      AN ekakanipaatapaa.li, 15. a.t.thaanapaa.li, 2. dutiyavaggo
      279. "a.t.thaanameta.m, bhikkhave, anavakaaso ya.m itthii araha.m assa sammaasambuddho. neta.m .thaana.m vijjati. .thaana~nca kho, eta.m, bhikkhave, vijjati ya.m puriso araha.m assa sammaasambuddho. .thaanameta.m vijjatii"ti.

      Numerical Discourses: "It is impossible and inconceivable, bhikkhus, that woman could be an arahant who is a perfectly enlightened Buddha ... But it is possible that a man could occupy the psition [of a perfectly enlightened Buddha]; there is such a possibility."

      back to the books!

      from Udaana 1.5: The Discourse about the Elders
      "Baahitvaa paapake dhamme, ~ ye caranti sadaa sataa,
      Those who, having removed bad things, live always mindful,
      Khii.nasa.myojanaa Buddhaa, ~ te ve lokasmi.m braahma.naa" ti.
      The Buddhas who have destroyed the fetters, ~ truly they are braahma.nas in the world."

      Udaana Cy, vol 1, p94:
      Those in whom the fetter has been destroyed (khii.nasa.myojanaa): those in whom the fetter has been completely destroyed on account of the fact that the fetter, that is tenfold, has been extirpated by means of all four ariyan paths. Buuddhas (buddhaa): buddhas as a result of awakening to the four thruths; and these are, moreover, threefold, viz. saavakabuddhas, paccekabuddhas and Sammaasambuddhas; as to these, it is saavakabuddhas that are, in this case, implied.
      <end quote>

      > Is there ANYWHERE in the Tipitaka where any FEMALE Buddha's or FEMALE Buddha is ACTUALLY mentioned or is the potential just implied ?

      If we include saavakabuddhas, the Theriigaathaa is full of examples.

      best wishes,
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