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127583Re: [dsg] How did Ven.Rahula (Son of Buddha) attain enlightenment?

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  • han tun
    Nov 3, 2012
      Dear Chandima,

      It was not recorded that Raahula got enlightened while his hair was shaved at the age of 6. But you can find how he became an Arahant in the following account:

      Dictionary of Pali-Proper Names

      Raahula noticed that he harboured carnal thoughts fascinated by his own physical beauty and that of his father, the Buddha preached to him, at the age of eighteen, the Mahaa RƔhulovaada Sutta. Two other suttas, also called Raahulovaada, one included in the Samyutta and the other in the Anguttara, formed the topics for Raahula's meditation (Vipassanaa). To these Suttas Buddhaghosa (MA.i.635) adds the Saamanera, or KumaarapaƱhaa, and proceeds to enumerate the different purposes which the Buddha had in view in preaching these suttas; see also AA.ii.547. SNA.i.340 says, about the Raahula Sutta, that the Buddha constantly preached it to Raahula. See also the Raahula Samyutta.

      Later, the Buddha, knowing that Raahulaa's mind was ripe for final attainment, went with him alone to Andhavana, and preached to him the Cuula Raahulovaada Sutta. At the end of the discourse, Raahula became an arahant, together with one hundred thousand crores of listening devas. SA.iii.26 says these devas were among those who, in the time of Padumuttara Buddha, had heard Raahula's wish to be born as the son of a future Buddha. They were subsequently born in various deva worlds, but on this day they all assembled at Andhavana in order to be present at the fulfilment of Raahula's wish. This scene was one of the incidents sculptured in the Relic Chamber of the Mahaa Thuupa, as was also the ordination of Raahula. Mhv.xxxi.81, 83.


      You can also read about Raahula in the following:


      with metta,

      --- On Sat, 11/3/12, chandimag1984 <chandima1984@...> wrote:

      Would anyone of you be pleased to let me know how did Ven.Rahula (Son of Buddha) attain enlightenment? I remember that he got enlightened while his hair is shaved at the age of 6.Is it correct?

      Thank you
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