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127540Re: [dsg] Macchariya (2)

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Nov 1, 2012
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      Dear Han,
      Thank you for this series. I could add something.
      Op 31-okt-2012, om 20:51 heeft han tun het volgende geschreven:

      > As for me, even though I have I practised austerely for fifty-five
      > years, living only on air and standing only on one leg, none of the
      > devas, nor Sakka, nor Mahabrahma has ever came to me
      N: I think that it is not macchariya alone. He is comparing: why not
      to me? This shows conceit. Also a lot of ignorance. Ignorance is very
      dangerous. And wrong view: he took his practice for self: see, I am
      practising in this way.
      Then the Buddha preached to him and he knew the right words so that
      Jambuka could be aware of naama and ruupa even while listening. Only
      in that way he could become an arahat.
      The details about the vipassanaa ~naa.nas he had to attain are not
      mentioned in the sutta, but it is good we also have the Abhidhamma
      and the commentaries. Otherwise we would not understand how he could
      attain arahatship by just listening once. It shows that he must have
      had accumulated understanding during countless lives. This is
      referred to in the commentary to the Theratheriigatha, for example in
      Theriigatha, LXXIII, Sumedhaa: <She too, having made her resolve
      under former Buddhas, and heaping up good of age-enduring efficacy
      thoroughly preparing the conditions of emancipation...>
      Thus, age-enduring, for kappas or aeons. Thoroughly preparing: being
      aware over and over again, developing understanding of the present
      object. It has to be the present one. Not thinking of stories or

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