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127450Re: [dsg] Re: The Great Compassion of the Buddha

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  • han tun
    Oct 28, 2012
      Dear Sarah,

      Thank you very much for your kind words and appreciation.
      That has been the greatest reward for me.

      with metta and respect,

      --- On Sun, 10/28/12, sarah <sarahprocterabbott@...> wrote:
      Dear Han,

      S: Yes excellent (#127347). I hadn't read this post when I made my other comments. I appreciate all your hard work a lot.
      S: Good comments and as you suggest, it is made very clear why the Buddha's compassion is incomparable.
      > The Paa.li word "lokasannivaaso" is interesting. "loka-sannivaasa" is translated by Ven Bhikkhu Nanamoli as "worldly life". PTS Dictionary gives the meaning as "the society of men", "all the world" (page 679). The reader may take the meaning he/she prefers.
      S: Thank you and anumodana.
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