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126328Re: [dsg] conditions for understanding to arise

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  • jagkrit2012
    Sep 3, 2012
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      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, "jagkrit2012" <jagkrit2012@...> wrote:

      Dear Nina, all

      After I read you explanation on delirious thinking, I came across one of the topic that T.A.Sujin gave an example of "Lobha" in Thai discussion group. It is very interesting and may I translate into English as follow:

      T.A. Sujin: Just a moment Khun Budsabong said that Lobha is a snatcher. At this moment of listening, is there a snatcher?
      He's already here. Thinking of something else? This is the opportunity of listening dhamma but the snatcher snatches this opportunity. Somebody is thinking about something else or not listening, not hearing. Another thing is more interesting. Just that. The snatcher snatches. Real fast, see?
      Somebody thinks when we will know characteristic of Namma. The snatcher snatches again. See? We are snatched all the time. When seeing Lobha, we will understand dhamma. He is our close friend (always here).
      And it is very important if he snatches at the last moment of our life before we leave this world. When Citta is unwholesome, there is no way that Birth Citta which follows Chuti Citta will arise in the world as human or in heaven.

      Listener: Listening to snatcher, I'm afraid that he will come to snatcher my last opportunity before dying. I'm so furious.

      T.A.Sujin: That, you've been snatched.

      Listener: Yes, I'm going to asking whether am I snatched by thinking something like that. And I was.

      T.A. Sujin: Yes. Very fast. He is good at hiding. Never know where but comes out all the time.

      Listener: If I would like to see him, I think I've been snatched again over and over?

      T.A.Sujin: Certainly, therefore, only Panna sees dhamma as real as it is.


      And come back to my question about delirious thinking. I think I've been snatched already.


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