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126316Re: [dsg] conditions for understanding to arise

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  • sarah abbott
    Sep 3 12:49 AM
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      Hi Phil & all,

      > From: philip <philco777@...>

      >> N: Yes, I remember that she said that in a next life all we learn
      >> from books, texts, the Pali language, all languages I learnt, is
      >> forgotten, but whatever pa~n~naa understands is accumulated, it is
      >> not lost. Thank you for the reminder that understanding reality is
      >> what is most important.
      >Ph: Very interesting. Of course one of the  conditions for the panna that understands realities is hearing the teaching. The key seems to be to have the conditions not to get intoxicated by reading about deep teachings (e.g D.O) in a way that leads to "delerious  thinking" and oblivion to the realities of the moment.
      S: Yes, just lots of lobha, mana and ditthi when intoxicated or lost in "delirious thinking", i.e papanca (proliferations) which the "mad" worldlings are experts at when there's no understanding of pathavi (hardness) as pathavi, visible object as visible object, thinking as thinking - all anatta, no person, no thing at all.

      This doesn't mean there cannot be reading and considering about D.O. (for example), but what is D.O. now? What is the avijja arising now that can be directly known?

      A friend was asking a couple of times about "how much" study there should be:

      KS: Again! The idea of self, 'how much' is the idea of self. No understanding, just 'how much'!

      S: Setting a rule - If one has the idea of "I'd better study the Patthana", it's setting a rule, it's not understanding the reality which appears now, the seeing and the visible object now.

      Phil, you made some good points about 'stratagems' including turning to suttas. As you said, "only an understanding of the presently arisen citta can possibly help."


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