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126315Re: [dsg] conditions for understanding to arise

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Sep 2, 2012
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      Dear Jagkrit,
      Op 2-sep-2012, om 16:45 heeft jagkrit2012 het volgende geschreven:

      > JJ: It is so fortunate as you said to have T.A who always reminds
      > us every time when contemplating dhamma not to step far into
      > "delirious thinking".
      > > However, I wonder where is the fine line between substantial
      > thinking vs delirious thinking? What is the criterion we can use as
      > awareness during reading or discussing dhamma which can be self
      > reminder when no one around to keep us in the line?
      N: Gradually we can learn that thinking, any kind of thinking, is
      only a conditioned naama. When thinking arises, it is by conditions
      and nobody can stop it. We should not mind or worry about it what
      kind of thinking arises. If we mind, it means that we prefer certain
      realities. But they all arise by conditions anyway. Also, if we try
      to find out, it has fallen away already. Another reality is then the
      present reality.
      You write, when "no one around to keep us in the line": no person
      around, but understanding of realities can develop. T.A. always says
      that the Buddha taught us in such a way that "our own" understanding
      can develop, and then we are not dependent on another person. In the
      same way Acharn helps us so that we need not depend on a person. She
      sometimes says that she is not a teacher, meaning we have to develop
      our own understanding, nobody can do that for us. But listening is
      always good, never enough. By listening, we understand a little more
      each time and in this way pa~n~naa can grow.


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