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126314Re: [dsg] conditions for understanding to arise

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  • jagkrit2012
    Sep 2, 2012
      Dear Phil, Nina , all

      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, "philip" <philco777@...> wrote:
      > Ph: Very interesting. Of course one of the conditions for the panna that understands realities is hearing the teaching. The key seems to be to have the conditions not to get intoxicated by reading about deep teachings (e.g D.O) in a way that leads to "delerious thinking" and oblivion to the realities of the moment. We are so fortunate to have a teacher who tirelessly pulls us out of our excessive thinking about deep teachings (valuable to know something about them, of course) and back to the present dhammas.
      >JJ: It is so fortunate as you said to have T.A who always reminds us every time when contemplating dhamma not to step far into "delirious thinking".

      > However, I wonder where is the fine line between substantial thinking vs delirious thinking? What is the criterion we can use as awareness during reading or discussing dhamma which can be self reminder when no one around to keep us in the line?


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