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125755Re: Self-Correction Re: [dsg] Khandhas - audio extract KK 2011

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  • Alex
    Aug 2, 2012
      Dear Nina, Sarah, all,

      I believe that one has to clarify the necessity of phenomena having to be anicca,dukkha, anatta. These can never be learned through quantitative observation. Only as structural principle in a sense of "all triangles have three sides". One doesn't have to observe all infinity of triangles in order to realize that what makes triangle is the fact that it has to have three sides.

      >Nina: "We always have to consider ruupa now, appearing at this moment, be it hardness, >sound, etc. "

      Sure, as a practice of some sort. Rather than to react in a lobha/dosa/moha, why not respond in  good, kusala way.

      With best wishes,


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