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125400[dsg] Re: Forgiving, was Delisting.

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  • sarah
    Jul 5 1:00 AM
      Dear Nina & all,

      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, Nina van Gorkom <vangorko@...> wrote:

      > >S: "Each moment in daily life there can be the practice of
      > > Dhamma..."
      > >
      > > There are tests all day, tests of whether there is kindness, help
      > > and understanding or whether lobha, dosa and moha win out again....
      > ------
      > N: Yes always things happening that are beyond control. What a test!
      > As to forgiving, I found this passage of pilgrimage so helpful about
      > the perfections Bodhisattas are accumulating: <"They constantly
      > arouse energy, having beings' welfare and happiness at heart. When
      > they have acquired heroic fortitude through supreme energy, they
      > become patient with beings' many kinds of faults....">
      S: That's very good. I think understanding leads to such fortitude and patience, patience with "beings' many kinds of faults". We see how all the paramis (perfections) work together.


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