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125367Re: [dsg] Re: Life is a real test.

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Jul 3, 2012
      Dear Rob E,
      Op 2-jul-2012, om 19:48 heeft Robert E het volgende geschreven:

      > Thank you for sharing your personal story about this. It is a very
      > good reminder that we can see that there are only dhammas when
      > these kinds of things happen. It really can take us out of the
      > story, into the reality of this moment, and I think that is
      > inherently less painful.
      N: You formultaed in these sentences the essence of the Dhamma. Our
      normal daily life consists of stories, this is so natural. Then we
      learn to see through these stories: there are only dhammas. Indeed it
      helps to cope with difficult events, not taking them so personal.
      This is taught in the suttas all the time. That is why I find suttas
      very important and most helpful. They deal with common events and
      problems in daily life and help me to see what is really true.
      You formulated this so well in another post: <For those who see
      paramatha dhammas in a totally separate world with no relation at all
      to everyday actions and occurrences, it is impossible to make good
      sense of the suttas, in which the Buddha often talks about the
      conventional actions and results that we experience every day.
      Sometimes he also talks about the paramatha level and sometimes he
      talks somewhere inbetween. But all that he says relates to dhammas
      and to the path. It is a continuum of understanding, rather than a
      divided understanding.>

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