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  • Robert E
    Jul 2, 2012
      Hi Nina.

      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, Nina van Gorkom <vangorko@...> wrote:
      > Dear Sarah and Rob E,
      > Rob, I appreciate so much your reactions to my quote of Kh Sujin
      > about kusala. Your writing about it reminds me again and again.

      :-) I am glad - it was a very helpful quote!

      Rob E.:
      > > I'm really enjoying this discussion, and the quote above from K.
      > > Sujin is just wonderful - a great exposition of how kusala is
      > > actually helpful and can be seen to help others and reduce
      > > suffering when it is recognized.

      > ------
      > N: You can also find such reminders in her book about the
      > perfections. All kinds of kusala through body, speech and mind are
      > assisting the development of right understanding.
      > Sarah gave a lovely reminder to Lodewijk after a severe test I want
      > to share. ...

      > ...but it's all still just seeing, hearing, thinking and so on...>
      > Sarah, we discussed this. Good to be reminded that we never know
      > conditions that make certain things happen. In the ultimate sense
      > there are just dhammas, seeing, hearing, thinking about lovely
      > dreams. Regrets are useless, best to have more understanding of any
      > reality now.

      Thank you for sharing your personal story about this. It is a very good reminder that we can see that there are only dhammas when these kinds of things happen. It really can take us out of the story, into the reality of this moment, and I think that is inherently less painful.

      Rob E.

      - - - - - - - - - -
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