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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Jul 1, 2012
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      Hi Howard,
      thank you for your kind post and your concern. But you know,
      considerations of the Dhamma truly helped us. Of course it was a
      shock and I was worried about Lodewijk's health problems which are
      also caused by old age. We can learn from such events.
      This morning I heard a Thai recording, Kh Sujin was paraphrasing the
      Expositor about sati and asati. Considerations about birth, old age,
      sickness and death help us with a sense of urgency, not to be
      neglectful with the development of understanding. I have heard this
      often, but by events in life we experience ourselves this becomes
      more meaningful.
      In order to be free from the cycle sati and pa~n~naa should be
      developed again and again. There can be more chanda, wish-to-do, and
      viriya, the four right efforts. One can see more the disadvantages of
      akusala, preventing akusala that has not yet arisen. Sati must be
      aware, not coming to a halt, again and again. Not laying down the
      burden, not letting go of sati.
      I think this is a good exhortation.
      Op 30-jun-2012, om 17:54 heeft upasaka@... het volgende geschreven:

      > I'm sorry to hear of this. It was surely upsetting to both Lodewijk
      > and you. (I think you are a dear, loving couple.) Please wish
      > Lodewijk my
      > very best!

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