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12312Re: [dsg] BEGINNERS ABHIDHAMMA - ADL ch 1 (2)n

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  • Kenneth Ong
    Apr 1 12:03 AM
      Hi Robert K

      :) :) :)

      Kind regards
      Ken O

      --- "robertkirkpatrick.rm" <robertkirkpatrick@...> wrote: >
      --- Sukin:. "According to what I've heard, it would
      > > be panna not me(lobha/ dosa/ moha) which will help condition the
      > > arising of satipatthana. If at this moment the conditions are right
      > for
      > > panna and sati to arise, it would. If not, thinking that I can do
      > > something about it, would in my understanding, not be the work of
      > > panna.
      > > On the other hand, someone might come to the conclusion after
      > > extensive reading of the texts, that what the Buddha taught was a
      > > step-by-step program as conditions for the arising of sati, I
      > > think to some extent that this can condition the false view that
      > > understanding cannot happen now. And an idea that there are a more
      > > ideal time and place for practice.>>
      > >
      > >
      > ---------
      > This is very useful to consider Sukin. There is a strong tendency to
      > think that understanding is something that should happen in the
      > future once "I" do something to make it happen. And this belief means
      > that instead of being aware of the present moment there is a subtle
      > trying (tanha) that wants conditions to be other than they are right
      > now.
      > thanks
      > robert
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