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122316Re: Letter from Luraya

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  • Lukas
    Feb 1, 2012
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      Dear Sarah,
      Especially I like this short reminders:

      Luraya: "But there is one thing that is even harder than practicing vipassana - not to practice."

      and this one:

      "Don't go on hurting yourself how temptating it might be to hang out with old friends!"

      I am thinking what Phil will tell on this. Phil and Luraya seems to think very closely to each other. I mean siila anisamsa, the benefits of siila, they seem to understand so well and give me support.

      Nice to hear recently a new improved Phil :P . Going into right understanding more and more.

      Best wishes

      > What lovely photos - thanks for putting them in the album!
      > Thank you also for telling us about Luraya and enclosing her lovely note. I'm so glad she encourages you in good sila. You can encourage and inspire each other a lot in your Dhamma interest and studies! No problem:-)
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