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122311Letter from Luraya

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  • Lukas
    Feb 1, 2012
      Dear Dhamma friends (Phil)
      I met wise Dhamma friend(and sexy :P). Her name is Luraya and she is so eager to come to DSG and study Dhamma. Now she reads Acharn Sujin Perfections Leading to Enlightenment and Survey of Paramattha Dhammas. Originaly she's practicing vipassana meditation in a tradition of S.N. Goenka.
      She helped me so much, especially encouraging me not to drink and break siila.
      That's a girl from 'attraction to a nice girl problem' topic.

      I am attaching a letter I've got from her as a farewell gesture. I find this letter a good reminder.
      Also added our photos in a gallery.

      Lukas, wonderful you!

      always filled of jokes and happieness!
      I want to thank you for the great time I had with you at the center and thank you for ofering us so much, letting me get to know you better!

      I want you to know that I really care about you and wish that you keep on being strong and proceed on the Path of Dhamma. It is not always easy of course the storms will go on and you might have days where you think better to quit. But there is one thing that is even harder than practicing vipassana - not to practice.

      Don't go on hurting yourself how temptating it might be to hang out with old friends! Please, do it for your own good! It would make me so happy to know you are at Dhamma Dipa :D

      You have travelled so long on the Path and I find it very inspiring to see a person like you who have been through so much heavy stuff to have the strenght to go up again and again after every fall! I already miss your 'the italian man who went to malta' voice, sitting next to and entertaining me while working. Lukas, I will never forget you and I hope to see you again at any dhamma place!

      Now I will take on your beautiful metta shirt and send all my metta to you and your stomach!

      I send you all my love, multiplied with all the love on earth!

      Keep on growing in Dhamma!

      Thank you for everything Lukas :D


      best wishes

      I am starting to study Dhamma more.
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