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  • philip
    Nov 1, 2011
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      Hi Sarah
      > Phil has suggested along the lines that friends in Bangkok don't repeatedly stick to their meditation practices, let alone talk at length about them, but this is a good example of an intelligent Thai friend who has listened to KS on and off since the 70s when Jon first introduced her to the group, but who continues to cling to her practice, see it of value and talks about it a lot. I can think of many others. There are all sorts of ideas of various extraordinary attainments. Wrong view doesn't let go easily at all.

      Ph: Ok, my aplogies for misrepresenting what goes on at the foundation, I was speaking based only on what I have heard in the recorded discussions that are available for listening. Of course I woyldn't know if people stick to meditation, I was just referring to how much and how forcefully they speak out about.

      Meditation - the practice that dares not speak its name! I remember early one morning at KK I was sitting cross-legged ( which is how we often sit in Japan) on the front porch enjoying the pre-dawn symphony of tree frogs or whatever they are when Sukin emerged from the gloom. "Were you meditating?" he asked, not unkindly but also not completely unlike a puritanical dad catching his son in onanistic bliss! I denied it, of course, just digging the frogs man!!!

      p.s shhhhh on this don't tell sukin but i was in fact m'ing!!!!

      I will post further reports of same if I co

      > > Sometimes she will say" dont copy" if anyonr
      > > E thinks they should approach life/ Dhamma in her way.
      > ....
      > S: Yes, any kind of "copying" of her lifestyle or way would also be an example of wrong practice - thinking that some kind of imitation would lead to right understanding.
      > ...
      > > Robert
      > > Sorry for typos just f
      > > Geeting on planr
      > > E now
      > ....
      > S: :-) write more from the other end! Thx for writing.
      > Metta
      > Sarah
      > ====
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