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  • upasaka@aol.com
    Jul 13 5:42 AM
      Thank you, Nina!! :-)

      With metta,

      P. S. My very best to Lodewijk!

      In a message dated 7/13/2011 5:43:17 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      vangorko@... writes:

      Hi Howard,
      I agree and meant it like you said; not a self or soul is there only
      fleeting phenomena.
      Op 12-jul-2011, om 14:54 heeft upasaka@... het volgende geschreven:

      > I do think your answer makes sense, Nina. What, however, is your
      > understanding of his knowing "that Saariputta was there"?
      > I take it to mean that the Buddha knew that within what is called
      > "physical proximity," the relatively clear and pure stream/
      > whirlpool of mental
      > and physical phenomena conventionally identified as "Saariputta" was
      > present and active. The Buddha knew that there was no separate
      > entity there, no
      > self and no soul and no real being named "Saariputta", but the
      > phenomena
      > that are the basis for the Saariputta concept were, indeed, rising
      > and falling
      > in a coherent and lawful manner.

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