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114377Re: [dsg] just joining the posting group

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  • sarah abbott
    Apr 4 2:16 AM
      Dear Jacob,

      I'm also very glad to welcome you to the group and thank you for kindly going to the trouble to give your intro. I saw that in your subsequent note that you plan to lurk quietly for a while - I'd just like to encourage you and any other newbies here to post any comments or any qus (no matter how basic) as they help us all.

      --- On Thu, 31/3/11, jacob douglas <perpetualfl0w@...> wrote:

      >I have just received a reply email , i'm assuming resulting from the attempt to send a message to your posting group earlier today. I am unfamilier with communicating through a blogging system such as this exactly and it seems it may take a bit of catching up to do to grasp the details of make use of this communication and learning system for my own benifit more easily.
      S: You may find it helpful to skip certain detailed threads in the beginning and just follow those that are easier to read, such as any threads you start yourself! There is also a simple Pali glossary in the files that it might be helpful to print out and have handy.
      >For now, I am writing from a cafe in downtown mae sariang , thailand , where i have scooted away from the monastery in the rural area for the afternoon, where i am currently stationed, in order to try and reach out and try to make contact with "others" regarding the development of understanding paramatta dhammas, and gain inspiration from the concept that there are "others" who are trying to similarly.
      S: Thank you very much for reaching out and it's always encouraging to hear from others, like yourself, with an appreciation of the value of understanding paramattha dhammas.

      You may also like to listen to some of the edited audio on this subject from our discussions with A.Sujin: www.dhammastudygroup.org
      >Just now i have spent several hours here and am tired to write much of an introduction that i now understand is appropriate to write innitially introduce one's history and views and so on that may help others to become more aware of my intentions in joining the posting group.

      I feel I have made major advances in setting good conditions for the arising of kusala dhamma by sinking into this website this afternoon , and hope to learn more in the future.
      S: Thx again for mentioning it. Hope you haven't been hit too badly by the floods in S.Thailand.

      >For now it may suffice to just briefly state that I am a 26 yr old male person who has decided that the conceptual study of paramatta dhammas and being wise about developing supportive conditions for the arising of Sati and Panna is the most fundamentally valuable form of learning , or thing that i can engage in, and am glad to do so. Hearing of others experiences is a source of faith and gives rise to joy that inspires the mind towards Dhamma chanda. I rejoice in the Great Victories of the Buddhas and Sanghas of the past , future and present , May all who aspire for happiness and freedom meet with success, May we all rejoice in our own right efforts and good fortune. May all the greater and lesser blessings support all the beings in the world.
      S: Very nicely said!


      p.s Where do you come from?


      - with kindness,

      Jacob P Douglas 

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