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  • bhikkhu3
    Sep 1 12:11 AM

      Imperturbable is one not Opposing any Pain!

      The Blessed Buddha once said to some deadly sick bhikkhus:
      Any Bhikkhu should await his time aware and clearly comprehending...
      This is our instruction to you! While a bhikkhu lives in this way, aware and

      clearly comprehending, enthusiastic, keen, and determined, if there arises
      in him a painful feeling, then he understands this: "There has arisen in me
      this painful feeling. Now that is dependent, not independent! Dependent on
      what? Dependent on just this contact! But this contact is impermanent,
      conditioned, and dependently arisen... So when a painful feeling has arisen
      in dependence on a contact that is impermanent, conditioned, & dependently
      arisen, how could it ever then itself be permanent?" He dwells in this way
      always contemplating the impermanence of any contact and the transience
      of any painful feeling, and he considers thus the inevitable vanishing,
      away, ceasing, & the therefore necessary relinquishment of all conditioned
      constructions! In this very way is his latent tendency to aversion towards
      any painful contact & instinctive repulsion of any painful feeling gradually

      eliminated. He therefore then understands: With the breakup of this body,
      at the exhaustion of this fragile life, any feeling, all that is felt,
      being opposed, nor clung to, will cool down right there...

      More on systematic relinquishment:

      Source (edited extract):
      The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikaya. Book IV [214]
      section 36: feeling. Vedana. The Sick-Ward. 8.

      Have a nice & noble day!

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      Relinquishing the Pain...

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