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107392Re: How to be a good guy?

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  • Lukas
    May 3, 2010
      Dear Ken O,

      > KO:  try the one that is most suitable for you.  if samatha is not the correct way, then use seeing, hearing etc that suits you.   No hard and fast rule, select those that suits your way of thinking. 

      L: I read mindfulness occupied with the body recollection from Visudhi.
      It looks like I have to sit and start verbal recitation first.
      Go from feet to head and back. And apply to different methods.
      This leads to samatha. But what way shall i reflect parts of the body if I want stay with vipassana?

      To be honest I've learned that my only chance to develop more kusala is vipassana. This always bring kusala. If I try samatha methods this makes me disappointed and brings a lot of clinging. This is like a dog that is close in seperate room. If you close the door he starts barking, but if you put the door open just a bit, he stop barking and go to sleep. This is me with vipassana, I dont think much of kusala development, so I can take rest and then kusala appears.

      Best wishes
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