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107370Re: [dsg] How to be a good guy? Be one.

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  • Lukas
    May 2, 2010
      Dear Ken 0, Phil, Nina, Alex and all

      > >MN20 lists good methods.
      > look at the commentary to the sutta instead as it describe the details better, it is online in the access to insight.  It is a good read and some of the finer points of the usefulness of concepts to the development of path.  Read with an open mind. 

      L: Yes, detailes are very accurate but I still dont know how to apply to that. Nina mentioned she will explain objects of meditiation. I am looking forward to that.

      This is from commentaries you gave, and this concerned me a bit recently. Does this first gattha refers only to sensous desires or also to 'attraction' with character of a girl?:

      "When greed arises in regard to living beings with thoughts like the following: "This one's hands are beautiful," "This one's feet are beautiful," one should think by way of the unlovely thus: To what are you attached? Are you attached to the hair of the head, the hair of the body, nails, teeth, skin... or urine? [This refers to the thirty-two parts of the body.]

      This body (attabhava) held up by three hundred bones, bound with nine hundred nerve strings, plastered over with nine hundred lumps of flesh, wrapped completely in a wet skin, covered with the color of the cuticle (chavi ragena), drips filth from the nine open sores and the ninety-nine thousand pores of the hairs of the body. It is filled with a collection of bones, is bad-smelling, contemptible, repellent, and is the sum of the thirty-two parts. There is neither essence nor excellence in it. To one who thinks thus of the unlovely (nature of the body), the greed connected with living beings is cast out. Therefore the different object is the thinking on the object (nimitta) which produces greed, by way of the meditation on the unlovely (nature of the body)."

      L: I have to say but I've had those kind of reflections in life, they were very natural and lead to wise attention. But I dont know how to apply to this object now, to make thise wise reflection arise again. How to do this? Shall I force myself when seeing a nice girl: this is just decaying body, nothing plesant with that? Or those psyches are so fleeting nothing to be attracted to. anicca.

      I can do this even now, I can sit and reflect, but I feel always like I am loosing something. cause I miss realities now. Thinking just thinking, conditioned dhamma now, nothing important. I used to that.

      I have doubt.
      I can sit reflect asubha of the body or even recitate this.
      But I feel that I can miss the rality, like thinking now.

      Best wishes
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