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107362Re: How to be a good guy?

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  • Lukas
    May 2, 2010
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      Dear Nina,

      > > How to not harm other people?
      > > I forgot this is very important.
      > ------
      > N: What helps is considering how you yourselves would like to be
      > treated by others. You like others to be kind to you, don't you? The
      > Buddha gave us many kinds of good advice.
      > Another thought: Saariputta would like to be a dustrag that others
      > use for wiping their feet. He was so humble. He did not cling at all
      > to the importance of self. Even when he was insulted, he did not
      > mind. What is this self: only fleeting elements, a mere nothing.

      L: Very useful.
      I think that for me considering more and more: just elements, will help me to be more humble. But I cannot be humble when I want.

      Best wishes
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