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107347Re: How to be a good guy?

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  • philip
    May 1, 2010
      Hi again Lukas

      As an afterthought, and just in case you don't dig up that other post I wrote a couple of months ago, of course I am not saying that trying to be a good person is the end purpose and true and deep message of the Buddha's teaching - that would be an insult to the Buddha. You have lots of reminders from people here that understanding the present moment is where liberation comes or doesn't, so you are lucky to be able to have good Dhamma friends that bring you back to nama and rupa of the present moment. But it is my opinion (and I feel that it is in line with the way Dhamma is/was taught by the Buddha) that in order to develop that subtle, liberating understanding of the present moment, many lifetimes are required - many, many - and that for lay followers such as ourselves there should be consideration of conventional behaviour, the kind of behaviour use consider, and that that proper behaviour helps to build a kind of shelter within which the deeper understanding can gradually, gradually develop. And our lobha, all that lobha, there is so much of it, has to feed somewhere. I feel that it is best to let it feed on considerations of what kind of person we are, if it feeds on the deep teaching I think there will be too much hunger for results that just covers over the essence of the deep teaching. For
      example, you often ask Nina or Sarah or others, "how can I have more
      sati, how can I understand the present moment better" and things like that. I think that is your lobha feeding on the deep teaching. I think asking "how can I be a better person?" is a suitable question for lay followers like us, but if we ask "how can I understand the present momeent better" there is hunger for results that will just cover up the deep essence or something like that!

      But you keep listening to the deep teaching, and you keep thinking about your conventional behaviour and whether it is harmful to yourself and others, you have a good balance, I think. You'll be fine!



      > L: I forgot Buddha teachings about kusala. I will try to be good.
      > Best wishes
      > Lukas
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