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107340Re: [dsg] How to be a good guy?

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    May 1, 2010
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      Dear Lukas,
      Op 1-mei-2010, om 9:21 heeft Lukas het volgende geschreven:

      > How to have more right speach. I've found I had a lot of bad
      > speach. How to change it?
      > This is very easy and pleasure to have bad speach, but how to
      > change this, how to have good peacful to other speach?
      > Phil and all how to have more right speach? How to train in this.
      > Can you tell please how you do this?
      N: The citta, kusala or akusala, is the source of the speech you
      utter. Through satipa.t.thaana you will know the different cittas
      that arise. It is ignorance of realities that conditions a lot of
      You cannot immediately change your habits, but gradually pa~n~naa can
      see the disadvantage of akusala. It arises because of conditions. We
      do not know what will arise the next moment, cittas arise and fall
      away so rapidly, kusala cittas and akusala cittas alternate.
      Bhante Dhammadharo: <We usually think about realities instead of
      knowing the characteristics of realities when they appear. When we
      have mettaa and karu.naa we think of other people's welfare, but
      defilements are not eradicated by mettaa and karu.naa. Through
      satipa.t.thaana defilements will eventually be eradicated and we
      shall never harm anyone else. Through satipa.t.thaana we can help
      others more; at the same time also mettaa and all other kinds of
      kusala are developed even more.>

      > L:Is it good to have some renunciation? What are the conditions for
      > renunciation?
      N: The commentary says that all kinds of kusala are nekkhamma,
      renunciation. You renounce your own pleasure and comfort, you
      renounde what is akusala.

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