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107336Re: How to be a good guy?

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  • philip
    May 1, 2010
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      Hi Lukas

      Thanks for inlcuding me especially. I feel confident that you are in fact a good guy, your consistent concern about the way you behave with people makes me feel confident about that.I feel confident that you are not content to think "this is all anatta, it has fallen away" as a means of being placated about bad behaviour. Could I ask you to refer back to the post I wrote when you were concerned about your anger? I guess it was a couple of months ago. I don't think I would answer much differently now than I did then!



      p.s Today I shouted at my wife. Afterwards, there was consideration of how it was just accumulated dhammas at work, anatta etc. That is true. But it doesn't change the fact that shouting is bad, good people don't shout, I will aspire to be a good person who doesn't shout, and will follow the Buddha's advice in the suttanta about how to be that kind of person. And I am confident I am coming closer day to day to being that sort of good person. When there is failure, there is reflection on anatta and so on, so remorse is not accumulated, remorse doesn't help. Good luck, let's just keep listening to the Buddha, we'll be ok.

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      > Dear friends, Phil
      > I was at the party today night and we had some situations.
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