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106458Learn Abhidharma the easy way - 52 Chethasika = Vedana Skanda, Sanna Skanada and Sanskara Skanda all in one

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  • Gemunu Rohana
    Apr 1, 2010
      This illustration contains all 52 Chethasika. Chethasika are the ones which have following 4 properties.

      1. Generated with the Chitta (Mind)
      2. Destructed with the Chitta
      3. Take the exact same focus that the Chitta generated for
      4. Generated at the same location where the Chitta was generated

      At least 7 Chethasika have to be associated with any Chitta out of 89 Chitta (refer Vinnana Skanda). The numbered 7 Chethasika are the Bodi Anga (7 Bojjanga). The highlighted 14 are the Chethasika that are associated with all Akusal (sinful) Chitta (minds).

      The numbers that you see in some Chethasika are the no. of minds that Chethasika can be associated with out of 89 or 121 minds (refer Vinnana Skanda).

      To get a very clear picture on what Chethasika are, and beautiful analogies to understand them, One must read the books stated in the image.

      ~Vedana Skanda~
      This is the mighty Vedana Chethasika that associate with all 89 Chitta stated in Vinnana Skanda

      ~Sanna Skanada~
      This is the mighty Sanna Chethasika that associate with all 89 Chitta stated in Vinnana Skanda

      ~Sanskara Skanda~
      This is the rest of the 50 Chethasika (without Sanna and Vedana Chethasika ) that associate with relevant Chitta in total of 89 stated in Vinnana Skanda


      May the Triple Gem Bless You!
      May You Attain Sowan (Nirvana) in This Very Life!