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103076Re: Q. [dsg] The Buddha's Path, Ch 5, no 6.

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Dec 4, 2009
      Dear Herman,
      Op 3-dec-2009, om 13:04 heeft Herman het volgende geschreven:

      > your answer is a
      > kind of view, an attitude. It is a retrospective view of things,
      > looking
      > back a deed is just something that happened, like a tree falling over.
      N: I see it this way: there is a threefold cycle. At this moment
      there is vipaaka in the form of pleasant or unpleasant sense-
      cognitions. On account of such experiences defilements are bound to
      arise. Defilements condition action, kamma, that produces again
      result. We are going around and around, but through right
      understanding of realities this cycle can eventually be broken. By
      listening to the Dhamma a beginning can be made.

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