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103057The Buddha's Path, Ch 5, no 6.

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  • connie
    Dec 3, 2009
      dear Herman and All,

      c:> Isn't pride of birth one of the first things to go?
      H:> Go and ask someone who thinks they were born.

      c: Sorry again! - just reference hunting & hadn't realized the room was full of folk who don't get caught up in that. Gimme a break.
      I stopped at Sn 911: "Let others take them up".
      I considered that if most of life's moments tend towards akusala, it's like we're [pardon me, but "ferally"] fetched up by wolves (lobha, dosa & moha) and the importance of hearing The Voice from Another. When that tangent wound down, i thought about Nina and Han with respect and appreciation because i enjoy Rupas, too. But I forget: <Affected by various forms, he would not stay forming mental images about himself.
      Only within himself would he be at peace. A bhikkhu would not seek peace from another. For one who is at peace within himself there is nothing taken up, how much less anything laid down. (Sn 918-9)> That one would safeguard truth alone, methinks.

      re: If kamma is the cause of birth, what is then the role of the parents?

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