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103034Re: Q. [dsg] The Buddha's Path, Ch 5, no 6.

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  • Herman
    Dec 3, 2009
      Hello Nina,

      2009/12/3 Nina van Gorkom <vangorko@...>

      > Dear Herman,
      > Op 3-dec-2009, om 7:05 heeft Herman het volgende geschreven:
      > > This deed performed in the past, was there a doer of that deed?
      > ------
      > N: I think you know the answer: no doer, no person who acts. There
      > were conditions for such or such activities. Perhaps hard to accept?
      > We are always inclined to think of my action, good or bad, 'I did
      > this'. By listening to the Dhamma understanding grows and it is
      > understanding that can detect such thoughts.
      Thank for your answer, and yes, that was the answer I expected you would
      give. It is not so hard to accept if one understands that your answer is a
      kind of view, an attitude. It is a retrospective view of things, looking
      back a deed is just something that happened, like a tree falling over. You
      say people are born into poverty because of past deeds, and that means to
      me, in the context of what you say, that people are born into poverty
      because things have happened in the past. That is very acceptable and
      comfortable, things just happened, nothing can change that past.

      An other view or attitude that is possible is the prospective view, a
      forward looking view. It is characterised by the thought "what should be
      done next?" In whatever situation, whether a poor person, a sick person, a
      beautiful or a prosperous person is seen, or no-one at all, the prospective
      attitude is available, it can be asked "what deed should be done next?" This
      is quite an unpleasant and uncomfortable attitude when adopted, because
      there is always going to be enormous doubt and uncertainty about whatever
      happens next, and the consequences following on from that happening.

      (As an aside, some imagine they are able to know the present, as it stands.
      This, of course, is an illusion, we only remember what is already past, or
      imagine all kinds of unknown futures.)

      Now, as you know, there are two kinds of people, those who say there are
      kinds of people, and those who don't :-) But seriously, is there any use in
      differentiating between different kinds of beings, if all that happens,
      simply happens? Is there a difference between being a tree and a human?



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