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103028The Buddha's Path, Ch 5, no 6.

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  • connie
    Dec 3, 2009
      dear Herman and All,

      H: This deed performed in the past, was there a doer of that deed?

      the book: If kamma is the cause of birth, what is then the role of the parents?

      c: Some parent(s) are more akin to "countries where there is war and famine, others ... where there is peace and prosperity" - but all are alike in being "merely names, expressions, turns of speech, designations in common use in the world" where "A man who sees will see [only] name-and-form; having seen, he will know only these things ... The brahman, considering, does not submit to figments. He does not follow views, [and] he has no association with knowledge, and knowing commonplace opinions he is indifferent to them, [saying] "Let others take them up" [Sn909-911].

      Isn't pride of birth one of the first things to go?


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