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102940[dsg] The Buddha's Path, Ch 5, no 6.

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Dec 1, 2009
      Dear friends,

      Some people are born in countries where there is war and famine,
      others in countries where there is peace and prosperity. This does
      not happen by chance; kamma, a deed performed in the past, is the
      cause. If kamma is the cause of birth, what is then the role of the
      parents? Parents are also a condition for the birth of a child, but
      they are not the only condition. Kamma produces at the first moment
      of life the citta which is the rebirth-consciousness. The new human
      being which comes to life consists of mental phenomena and bodily
      phenomena. The physical phenomena which arise at the first moment of
      life must also have a cause: kamma is the cause. Thus, at the first
      moment of life there is mental result as well as physical result of
      kamma. Kamma is not the only factor from which bodily phenomena
      originate. There are four factors in all: kamma, citta, temperature
      and nutrition. After kamma has produced bodily phenomena at the first
      moment of life, the other factors also produce bodily phenomena. As
      to the factor of temperature, there has to be the right temperature
      for the new being in the womb in order to develop. When the mother
      takes food, nutrition is suffused in the body and then nutrition is
      also producing bodily phenomena for the being in the womb. Citta is a
      condition as well for bodily phenomena arising throughout our life.
      If there were no citta we could not stay alive, we could not move, we
      could not perform any activities. If we remember the four factors
      which produce bodily phenomena, namely kamma, citta, temperature and
      nutrition, it will help us to understand that the body does not
      belong to a self. What we call �my body� consists of bodily phenomena
      which arise because of different conditions and then fall away.
      Kamma produces bodily phenomena at the first moment of a lifespan and
      also throughout life. It is kamma which produces the sense organs of
      eyesense, earsense, smellingsense, tastingsense and bodysense. The
      sense organs which are the physical results of kamma are the means
      for the experiences which are the mental results of kamma: seeing,
      hearing and the other sense impressions. Thus, kamma produces result
      at the first moment of life, it produces the births of beings, and in
      the course of life it also produces pleasant and unpleasant results
      in the form of experiences through the senses.


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