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101046Re: [dsg] Analytical study of 5 Khandhas, 12 bases & 18 elements

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Oct 2, 2009
      Dear Chew,
      it is no problem, the suttas do not give all the details of the
      processes. Seeing is accompanied by indifferent feeling, no matter
      whether the object is pleasant or unpleasant, but very soon after
      seeing there are javanacittas that can be accompanied by pleasant
      feeling, unpleasant feeling or indifferent feeling. This depends on
      the citta the feeling accompanies.
      Cittas succeed one another so fast that it seems that pleasant
      feeling, for example, can accompany seeing, but this is not so.
      I do not find it contradictory that the suttas do not give all the
      Mahasi refers to the tiika to the Visuddhimagga, and when I have time
      I look for the exact text, I studied the Pali Tiika to the
      Khandhavagga. Nowhere have I found contradictions when studying the
      feeling khandha.
      I take abreak until next week.
      Op 2-okt-2009, om 16:55 heeft Sadhu Chew het volgende geschreven:

      > According to the teachings of the Abhidhamma, there is neither
      > pleasant nor unpleasant feeling at the moment of seeing, hearing,
      > smelling, or tasting, just equanimous feeling. But in the Suttas
      > there are discourses which describe how all these feelings,
      > pleasant, unpleasant and neutral, arise at all the sense doors, and
      > there are discourses exhorting us to contemplate these feelings at
      > the moment of seeing and hearing so as to comprehend their true
      > nature.

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