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  • scottduncan2
    Sep 11, 2009
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      Dear colette,


      c: "...How on earth could you speak of such things and speak of such things in a Theravadan forum? Everything you said is simply put in the MAZE which is called MADHYAMIKA OR MADHYAMAKA. You speak so easily of Shunyata that I can only consider that you are well versed in such elementary concepts."

      Scott: I don't think I'm well-versed in Shunyata, although I often think about anatta. I keep experimenting too, seeing if maybe I can control this or that. I don't seem to be able to, although sometimes I make a plan and it seems to turn out. I mean, lots of random things always happen.

      c: "darn, you went so well through the post but at the end you had to commit yourself to CRAVING:

      ' I still seem to want to live '"

      Scott: Not a deliberate commitment, just where I'm at. I can't really say that I'm alive because I want to be. I guess I could take my life but then we'd have to start splitting hairs.

      c: "Death does not equal Life. You are stuck in that damned Western philosophy of a Heaven and a Hell. 'IMAGINE there's no heaven. I wonder if you can.' John Lennon let go of that damned VALUE STRUCTURE and the only vindication that RUPA actually exists. RUPA HAS NO SVABHAVA. RUPA HAS NO ULTIMATE TRUTH. LET IT GO."

      Scott: I think we understand the notions of 'existence' and 'characteristic' differently.

      c: "Scott, ah, you speak of the Bourgeoisa family...What child in American middle class suburbia does not dream of IMMORALITY AND IMMORAL ACTS each and every night? AFterall, when they wake up and are sent to the programming schedule at the manufacturing facility the CORPORATION DICTATES TO THEM WHAT MORALITY IS AND WHAT MORALITY IS NOT so they have no worry about what they dream, no?"


      "...Welcome my son
      Welcome to the machine
      What did you dream?
      It's alright we told you what to dream..." Pink Floyd, The Machine.


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