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Re: Old Andrew L is back.. and a couple Qs (1)

Dear Andrew, I just go over a few points. ... N: Do not think of a future life, the future has not come yet. Better not delay the development of a little more
Nina van Gorkom
8:35 AM

Re: No one in the world.

Dear Thomas, ... N: I notice that you use the expressions neither some-one nor no-one, neither existence nor non-existence. I wonder whether you mean the
Nina van Gorkom
8:24 AM

Re: Q. What I heard, 9.

Hi Paul ... Nina ... I will keep reading and trying to understand the ideas which I find hard to grasp such as there being no-one in the world. Well you and I
7:04 AM

Re: Concepts

Hi pt ... Hi Jon, pt: Sure. To be precise, by absolute we mean - domain of panna, so things that panna can know, right? No implication of going beyond that
3:49 AM

Re: concepts(cont)

Hi Ken H ... Hi Azita and all, ... KH: Jon has explained that there is nothing wrong with mixing concepts with realities in a Dhamma discussion. As he said, it
3:47 AM

Re: Conceptsken

Hi Ken H ... Hi Jon, ... KH: When you say you agree with both parts of my statement I have to wonder what we have been arguing about for the last
3:02 AM

Re: What I heard, 9.

Hi Thomas ... Hi Jon, ... T: See the term, the cessation of dhammas: '... dhammanam nirodham ...' (SN ii, PTS, pp. 14-16, 129-130 = SN 12.13-14; SN 12.71-81).
2:37 AM

Re: Q. What I heard, 9.

Hi Thomas ... Dear Nina, T: It is incorrect to say "they are only nama and rupa that are impermanent and therefore dukkha", according to the SN suttas (such
2:32 AM

Re: Suggested reading

Hi Jeff ... Jeff: Yes, I'm still here diligently reading and taking in the intellectual knowledge that is being freely offered. ... Jon: Glad to hear you're
1:59 AM

Re: What I heard 3.

Hi Phil, Glad to see you popping in... ... .... S: it's an honest answer, but as AS said many times, when we think like this it indicates that understanding is
1:18 AM

Re: Thai word kuab-kum understanding help

Hi Nishan, ... .... S: Who is "I" that can verify? What do you mean by body? What is breath? Who can change breath? What does calm body mean? Metta Sarah =====
1:12 AM

Re: Concepts

Hi Ken H, ... .... Sarah: There can be lobha with a dhamma as object only in a sense door process. In a mind door process, there can be lobha with a dhamma as
1:09 AM

Re: What I notice

Hi Herman & all, ... ... S: Thanks for asking. Yes please everyone trim messages - just keep enough of previous message for context. Please don't repost the
12:59 AM

Re: What I notice

Hi Sarah, ... We agree. I do want to say something about your other post (thanks for the welcome, BTW) but in the short term I will just soak up the ambience
12:55 AM

Re: Concepts

Hi Ken H, ... At the risk of appearing stubborn I would say any idea of different ways of thinking was only thinking. .... S: Like now - thinking with
12:51 AM
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