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475Batch 2K6 Reunion! Please Support!

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  • Shawn
    Dec 3, 2010
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      Ok, it's been a while since our last reunion so some of our batchmates are proposing to hold a reunion again. Comments and suggestions are very much needed and we are still waiting for others to respond. You can either post here or @ FB via wall post or PM or w/e, just make yourself be heard and participate! lol Christine Villa is spearheading the event on FB at the moment, I think. :3 -Shawn Tan

      P.S. My active account on FB is Ζέφυρος Ἄνεμο (cute_sk8r65@...) w/ homer simpson as my profile pic (LOL) and kindly ignore my alternate account Shawn Nikkolai Tan (shawn_OCAH@...). Tnx! :)
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