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Re: [dglist] Where do you sit when you go to the Opera? [Longish]

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  • Russell Rayburn
    On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 17:29:47 -0700, Mark McFadden ... Glad you like; hope you and others find them useful. ... I can see that as well, although see below. ...
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      On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 17:29:47 -0700, Mark McFadden
      <lizardrex@...> wrote:

      > I like the various seating arrangements. If nothing else they provide a
      > terse code for messaging.

      Glad you like; hope you and others find them useful.

      > YMMV, but my impression of ADAM's task forces was that they provided a way
      > for Agents to drop off of their own agency's screens for awhile, rather than
      > a way to utilize daytime personas. A Day at the Races is not a desirable
      > situation, IMHO, if only because you cannot be sure what the straights,
      > 'danes, or muggles will see when the shit hits the fan.

      I can see that as well, although see below.

      > Consequently, I think most investigations will start from either the Dress
      > Circle Seating or Balcony. If it remains something small enough to be dealt
      > with off the books, that's what happens. If it gets big enough to require
      > reinforcements, everyone regroups and works out how to get an agency or two
      > officially involved, and how they will control possible witnesses to Outside
      > phenomena.

      I think most players would be interested in dress circle / balcony
      scenarios ( I would be ). I included the other levels mostly for
      completeness. They seem like the things which have to happen, but are
      usually relegated to the background. They might even become scenario
      seeds ( investigating the murder of a friendly servicing a green box,
      for instance).

      > The best rule of thumb is that you never ever flash credentials with your
      > real life (whatever that means) identity on 'em unless you are on the clock
      > with your day job, and you are wherever you are and doing what you are doing
      > as part of that job.

      It's a good rule of thumb. Of course the more distance between the
      Agents "real" identity and the identity they use for DG the better,
      but this has some disadvantages as well.

      Should a "Day at the Races" use of non-DG personel in an operation be
      required ( with or without red shirts ) there would most likely be
      news media coverage and an after-action report.

      If there were personel directing Federal LEO's in an assault on a
      cultist compound (for instance), and later it came out that these
      personel were using false credentials or the identity of those
      personel could not be determined, I'd expect some internal
      investigations to look into the events of the raid.

      Nothing may happen from such an investigation ( see:
      ) or it could become the lead into a campaign where unsuspecting
      Inspector General / NCIS / OPR / et. al. LEO's unwittingly join MJ12
      in hunting down DG agents.

      Also, any DG type impersonating a LEO from an agency not their own
      seems to be at a disadvantage as they would be unfamiliar with the
      procedures and jargon. A keeper seems justified in calling for idea
      rolls, at the least.
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