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Re: [dglist] Islam in the United States pre-1950's

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  • J. Armstrong
    ... El Rukns are (essentially) a faction of the BPSN or Black P(eace) Stone Nations, known in the 1960 s as the Blackstone Rangers. They are a very, very old
    Message 1 of 4 , May 11, 2010
      > The ObDG - the El Rukn's are evidently on the FBI
      > watchlist, despite being
      > all but finished with any sort of street presence - is this
      > due to DG?

      El Rukns are (essentially) a faction of the BPSN or Black P(eace) Stone Nations, known in the 1960's as the Blackstone Rangers. They are a very, very old street gang with "ties" to the Moorish Science stuff largely to give them the appearance of legitimately "turning over a new leaf". The BPSN, under their ovewrall leader Jeff Fort, have always dabbled with Black Nationalist and separatist philosophic trappings (as well as N.O.I., et cetera) in order to appear more than what they were (extortionists and drug-dealing scumbags, and the children they co-opted into running for the same).
      They first ended up on watchlists when they finagled the US Gov't. out of a cool million or so, ostensibly for "community uplift" programs. These funds went to pay for weapons in their war with the Gangster Disciples. They weren't the first to do this, they got the idea from the Vice Lords:).

      Their next blip that REALLY got the feds' attention was when they tried to get negotiations with Libya going in the mid-eighties, in order to purchase Stinger missiles to fire at the Dirksen Federal Building.

      Most of their leadership is either imprisoned in max-lockdown, and running disorganized elements of their "nations" from behind bars, or released and running things from outside of Chicago. The Rukns' are as disorganized as the rest, and make only the minimal lip-flapping in accordance with Moorish Science-anything, Islam-anything, or any political/social stances. Most membership is concerned with the old standbys of extortion, maintaining drug distro territories, and shooting at the (numerous and equally-absurdly named) enemies, many of whom used to be allies.

      DG *might* have had a hand in their splintering, but in the end, it's the history of borderline-personality-disordered guys (like Jeff Fort and Mickey Cogwell) running the show that led to faction wars and the eventual imprisonment of many shot-callers.

      obDG: ChiTown gangs have a baroque, almost whimsical use of coded heraldic graffiti. They make for excellent red herrings for occult-overstimulated Agents and Friendlies. I mean, go to chicagogangs.org-you'll see what I mean.

      Make no mistake; it's mostly bullshit. But it's ~interesting~ bullshit, and happening all over .
      They're all friends of mine
      They keep me suffering

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