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RE: [dglist] Re: Skoptsi & Y'Golonac

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  • ialdaloboth *genzundheit!*
    ... ten-fisted reading, of course. _________________________________________________________________ Shed those extra pounds with MSN and The Biggest Loser!
    Message 1 of 50 , Feb 2, 2008
      > I've always wondered what Lovecraft's take would be on hentai.

      ten-fisted reading, of course.

      Shed those extra pounds with MSN and The Biggest Loser!

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    • Gregory Muir
      ... Agreed. I firmly believe in two things: the first, few people ever see themselves as the villains in their own stories or that they are not working for
      Message 50 of 50 , Feb 25, 2008
        > On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 9:33 AM, Gregory Muir <gmuir77@...> wrote:
        > > Thanks! Any particular likes, dislikes? Looking for some specific feedback,
        > > just to see how it's received.
        > Off the top of my head:
        > * I like the motivation ( obsessive control freak / sense of
        > superiority ) for the father figure. How he decided to try his
        > reanimation experiments is very explainable. While perhaps not
        > strictly necessary, an understandable motivation for an enemy seems to
        > make games run a bit smoother. For fiction, of course, it definitely
        > helps with the suspension of disbelief.

        Agreed. I firmly believe in two things: the first, few people ever see
        themselves as the villains in their own stories or that they are not
        working for some kind of good. The only out and out avowals of pure
        evil I can think of are wannabe satanist killers, I've read a few of
        their histories on Crime Library. The second thing I believe is that
        there will usually be a method to the madness, some kind of logic even
        if it only makes sense to the villain. For the less complicated
        baddies, a soliphistic sociopathy works for motivation. For anyone
        crazier than that, what's the likelihood of them even having a story
        worth telling? What I hate hate hate hate hate are the tired tropes
        we've seen time and time again, the writer going to the well and
        pulling up some muddy soup we've seen too many times already.

        What I loved about the whole Pisces/Army of the Third Eye premise is
        how the army's leader is obviously insane, a classic nutter who needs
        to be captured and put in a booby hatch. The only odd detail is how
        his victims seem to support him... Stockholm syndrome, obviously, but
        they seem overly devoted even for that. And as the investigation
        continues, holy shit, the mad bugger's on to something! It's like the
        part in Primer where the one inventor is laying out all the groundwork
        for the other inventor, not telling him what he's come up with but
        letting him piece everything together and say it for himself. I know
        if I were an investigator working on a case like this, that's the way
        I'd try broaching it to a colleague. "Look, I'm not saying anything
        right now, just you look at these facts and tell me what they suggest
        to you."
        > * That homicidal rage was traded for mindless obedience is an
        > interesting twist. I wonder if the family would obey any one who gave
        > them an order.

        Might have to detail that section a bit more. He made a slight mistake
        the first go around with the boyfriend, he came back as a traditional
        zombie ala "resuscitated casualties." Our doctor here was going for
        something more along the line of that Indian who got dosed with the
        sapphire and yet retained his mind. Of course, the doctor is operating
        under severe cognitive dissonance because he at some level has to
        realize he killed his family, at this point all he's doing is just
        playing games with the corpses. If Norman Bates had a triple PhD in
        mad science, his mother would have been a reanimated corpse.
        > * The family dietary restrictions are interesting; reminds me of the
        > old "never feed a zombie salt" admonition from vodun. One wonders if
        > the family actual needs to eat.
        Yes, they do. While I like zombie movies, I never really held with the
        idea that they do not need to eat, that they can persist without any
        sort of digestive process or metabolism. I know no metabolic or
        extra-dimensional power source was posited for people and animals
        reanimated by sapphire but I figure there would have to be something,
        either an energy carried in the reagent itself or tapped into from
        another dimension. Something has to be powering those bodies.

        So as far as the family goes, they eat the porridge to keep them going
        with daily injections of the reagent to help ease the post-life
        metabolism. I figure that it will work sort of like the solarium virus
        from the Max Brooks zombie books, infected flesh becomes inedible to
        other living things, be they large predator or microbe, but the flesh
        retains it's pseudo-liveliness. There's some health food supplements
        you can get that's like protein powder and gluten and $300 will buy
        you a year's supply, you can live off of just eating it, but who would
        want to? What they eat is along the same idea, pulped vegetative and
        animal material, mixed and consumed. They'd wear diapers since they
        lack bowel control, the food would just push through their systems as
        with paraplegics, accumulating in the diaper as a very weird kind of
        shit throughout the day. The cleaning process would include hosing
        this off of them but I left that out. Also wasn't sure if I should
        include the doctor becoming aroused as he bathed his wife. There are
        some details that are "eew! that was good but eeew!" and other details
        that are like "Oh, come on, now you're just overdoing it. Whatever
        happened to subtle?"
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