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The New Cult of Cthulhu - a receding threat? was Re: Delta Green Post 9/11

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  • James Haughton
    Doing some follow up research on this threat to Delta Green and humanity as we know it, I have arrived at some intriguing results. It s well known that Cthulhu
    Message 1 of 46 , Nov 13, 2007
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      Doing some follow up research on this threat to Delta Green and
      humanity as we know it, I have arrived at some intriguing results.

      It's well known that Cthulhu arises when "the stars are right". There
      has been a lot of worthless speculation about what that means. But no-
      one before me has had the guts to, well, type "astronomical events of
      1925" into Google, actually.

      At first, nothing much came up. But I persevered and eventually
      discovered the formation of the Amateur Astronomical Association (of
      America, henceforth AAA) in that year, following public excitement
      due to the fact that "Mars and the earth were closer together on
      August 22, 1924 than they would be for a long time. On January 24,
      1925 New York witnessed a total eclipse of the Sun. Excitement ran
      high on both occasions." (from the AAA website) Now, given his
      fondness for both amateur associations and astronomy, I'd lay a
      reasonable wager HPL was a founding member and was aware of these
      cosmic events.

      "A long time". What does that mean? Well, in fact, the next
      closest "favourable opposition" between Mars and Earth came in - wait
      for it - July 2003. THis was touted as "the most favourable
      opposition in 73,000 years" (uh-oh...) by starryskies.com

      The AAA observes:
      "Every 15 or 17 years, Mars makes these close approaches, called
      favorable oppositions. There is also a long-term cycle of 79 years
      where the circumstances of any particular Mars opposition will
      replicate almost exactly. The planet was just 11,764 miles farther
      from Earth than this past opposition on August 22, 1924. And in
      another 79 years, on August 30, 2082, Mars makes another
      exceptionally close approach to Earth, though again falling short of
      matching 2003's approach, this time by 78,487 miles. In September of
      2729, Mars will come within 34,579,931 miles of our world, the best
      opposition in the next thousand years, and 66,487 miles closer than
      last year's event."

      So in 2003 we came even closer to Mars than in late 1924!

      Now, 2003 was a bumper year for Mythos related events. In that year,
      we saw the first capture, followed by many other sightings and
      captures, of the giant pacific squid, a creature previously only
      known from a sample found in a whale's stomach in - wait for it -
      1925: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/2910849.stm

      An inexplicable giant blob of jelly (aka dead shoggoth) washed up on
      the coast of Chile:

      And news of "the bloop", a bizarre sound from the bottom of the
      pacific, was released, though it was claimed it occurred in 1997

      In fact the year was full of inexplicable squid, jellyfish, whale,
      etc activity across the pacific. Almost as if they were trying to get
      away from something.

      There was also a powerful undersea earthquake near Japan - but that's
      kinda par for the course.

      Cosmicly speaking, a total eclipse, as noted in '25, occurred in
      Antarctica and across the south pacific:

      and a bizarre pulsing intergalactic cloud, described by the team of
      astronomers who found it as "beating like a heart" was found in our
      galactic neighbourhood:
      http://www.abc.net.au/science/news/stories/s804604.htm Good thing
      Ghroth (I assume it's Ghroth) seems to be a long way away at the
      moment. I guess Operation Convergence saw it depart. Otherwise, who
      knows what might have happened?

      In human cultural interest stories, ancient egyptian figures were
      observed to move in a museum:

      And "an ancient lost play was found stuffed inside a mummy, and
      performed publicly in London" (no, really):

      Someone screwed up badly there IMHO. PISCES should be thinking about
      a court martial.

      As in 1925, the scientific community responded with several studies
      of dreams and nightmares:

      but again, as in 1925, they failed to correlate their findings and
      draw conclusions. Fools.

      What the connection is between R'lyeh rising and Mars coming
      exceptionally close, I know not. Gravitational stress, maybe? Still,
      there's little doubt that the world came perilously close in 2003. If
      Ghroth was still nearby instead of having been diverted by the Mi-Go,
      that would have been IT.

      OTOH, in cosmic terms, the 4 years between then and now are an
      eyeblink. The Cult of Cthulhu is probably still operating, and given
      their cultivation of people capable of long range planning, may well
      be laying plans for 2082. A rising now might still be within
      possibility if the big C hasn't yet gone back to bed.

      What of course is most satisfying about this explanation is that it
      explains something else that happened in 2003 - one of what became
      many inexplicable postponements of Delta Green D20. Dennis, John and
      A. Scott fed us so many bizarre cover stories. Inexplicable print
      failings, contract renegings, computer file incompatibilities,
      Chinese piracy. Why couldn't they tell us that they were engaged in a
      desperate, worldwide struggle against the Cult of Cthulhu throughout
      those years, and just couldn't spare the time for training
      simulations when the real thing was going down? Do they no longer
      trust their faithful cultists, er, agents?

      Hopefully, the fact that the printing presses of Pagan are now
      producing means that the worst of this threat has passed. And in the
      light of this revelation of their selfless struggle against the
      Mythos, I forgive them wholeheartedly for the delay, and even for the
      cover-up. Someday, perhaps, they will tell us the story.

      (most links supplied by www.bloopwatch.org)

      --- In dglist@yahoogroups.com, "weirmonken06" <weirmonken06@...>
      > Which leads me to the alternative I'd like to propose: the new Cult
      > of Cthulhu. In the main Delta Green book it mentions that the
      > Cult has disintegrated and now it is composed of individuals who
      > insinuated themselves in the power structure but are unaware of
      > other. Unaware, that is, until the stars come right and dread
      > contacts them in their dreams.
      > Now, a legion of sleeper agents across all levels of society hear
      > that obscene music of Ry'leh in their dreams, promising power in
      > exchange for servitude to the Great Old Ones. Some of these
      > traditionally loners, artists and the emotionally sensitive, crack
      > when faced with the cosmic horrors, charging into their schools or
      > places of employment and enacting a personal apocalypse in a hail
      > gunfire. Those who are capable of accepting such things, the
      > businessmen and other practical sorts, accept Faustian bargains and
      > work towards social entropy. They are:
      > * Military strategists who push countries into senseless conflicts
      > that destabilize the world stage, continuing to make matters worse
      > intentionally sabotaging occupational forces and stirring up
      > resentment amongst the native population.
      > * Marketing agents who target children, instilling a sense of
      > relentless consumerism at an early age, causing them not to
      > the world outside of their immediate needs.
      > * Human traffickers who develop compounds on U.S. soil of
      > laborers, seperated from the larger society so that they can toil
      > towards constructing some nameless and abhorrent monstrosity.
      > * Statistical analysts who, through narrow-casting, develop
      > personalized political strategies of hate-mongering that further
      > divide humanity, ensuring that we're too busy fighting each other
      > give any resistance when the stars come right.
      > * Account managers for international finance organizations that
      > ensure a growing disparity between the first and third world
      > manipulative pratices, forcing privitization into economies that
      > clearly are not ready for such steps.
      > ... And the list goes on. These hidden cells of agents meet only in
      > dreams, co-ordinating efforts under alien skies while they sleep,
      > plotting humanity's end for the chance to survive the oncoming End.
      > They do not dress in dark robes and cry out infernal names
      > ecstatically in some ancient grove or swamp, but instead surround
      > blending into the fabric of our everyday life. At least until they
      > are well-hidden from prying eyes in exclusive country clubs or
      > indulge in "corporate retreats".
      > In this scenario, the people above DG are the enemy (and the people
      > within), just like what you proposed with the Shans. No one can be
      > trusted, for who knows what vile pacts they have made in that life
      > beyond the waking world? DG becomes a puppet used to eliminate
      > potential threats to the Mythos, from apocalyptic cults to
      > investigators for national security. Yithians, Elder Things, Mi-Go,
      > Shoggoths, Flying Polyps: these are rival species that can be
      > eliminated to make way for the time that Ghroth fall into orbit and
      > Ry'leth emerges from beneath the waves. The only way to root out
      > traitors is dangerous and hallucinatory treks into nightmare worlds
      > beyond human reason to confront them in dreams.
      > Thinking along these lines, what if the downfall (and following
      > merger) of MJ-12 and DG was intentional? It seems that Alzis may
      > up being the culprit (his actions in Rules of Engagement certainly
      > pushed DG over the precipice) but what strikes me is the
      > between what is happening to DG in Through A Glass, Darkly and the
      > stress cascade Dr. Yrjo designed for DG (as mentioned in the
      > section of DG:C). What if this entire fiasco is a stress cascade
      > developed not only for DG but also MJ-12? And what if it is because
      > he has done so because of the dead god that sleeps in the south
      > Pacific?
      > One last note: A recent study revealed that the most stressful
      > occupational concern world-wide today is amongst CEOs who are
      > planning for their retirement. This seems absurd, unless you
      > that their retirement portfolio must account for the End Times.
    • Joe Crazyperson
      My three ideas: *1.* The Chinese government is doing more than studying gravitational shifts caused by the eclipse they are installing equipment to harness and
      Message 46 of 46 , Jul 26, 2009
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        My three ideas:

        The Chinese government is doing more than studying gravitational shifts
        caused by the eclipse they are installing equipment to harness and control
        it in a way that allows them to *A.* Create a Doorway with which they can
        explore some hazardous dimension (likely to be a disaster perhaps
        orchestrated by some group similar to China's MJ12) or *B.* Allow them to
        recreate this phenomenon at any time to prevent and cause Earthquakes. There
        is perhaps a small disaster (such as the release of some extradimensional
        monstrosity) but the actual technology is successfully made. These
        gravitational control devices can make sure an Earthquake will not occur in
        a region or can be placed as seismic weapons to devastate a remote Himalayan
        temple or similar. Perhaps the government plans on using it against this
        "evil cult" which could very well be Buddhists who've known for centuries
        about the dangers of the Eclipse and the fact that the Chinese government
        are not in harmony at all but bringing about the end times quicker through
        their actions. These gravity devices have a side effect of weakening the
        veil between higher dimensions and Earth, thus allowing things like the
        Hounds or Dimensional Shamblers through. Perhaps D.G. is involved when a
        defector from the project or a failed previous project has reached a CIA
        contact and spills the beans. The Chinese Government demands the Defector be
        returned and ensures that he is part of a radical evil cult. D.G.
        investigators may even be convinced the Buddhist sect which holds the
        secrets to the Eclipse are actually the true villains and not the Chinese
        Government who attempts to harness even the powers of gravity. Maybe the
        machinery just pisses off Cthonians who disturbed from their slumber rise to
        "make things right"? Maybe the Earthquakes are simply caused by the
        machinery summoning Cthonians to an area or repelling them from it...

        The "Evil Cult" is actually a villainous organization that has existed for
        thousands of years in parts of China, tracing their history back to the
        Taoist Alchemists of legend and perhaps tied up with a rogue sect of Aum
        Shinrikyo (the only cult with their own attack helicopter,
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aum_Shinrikyo ). They seek to "restore balance"
        by eliminating the Chinese Government through sorcery and allowing anarchy
        to reign - which will bring the End Times that much closer (for some reason
        I can't help but imagine the League of Shadows from Batman Begins). To do
        this they are attempting to infilitrate the Government's studies on the
        effects of the Eclipse. Saboteurs from the cult will attempt to make the
        readings malfunction so that the true effects of the Eclipse remain unknown.
        All the while the rest of the cult will be preparing to use ancient alien
        machinery hidden in some remote mountain temple to activate a gate during
        the Eclipse and create a gateway for their Lord and Master (pick any GOO).
        Delta Green will find out perhaps by the Chinese government uncovering an
        American saboteur associated with the cult who was making some of the
        equipment in an ancient cave hooked up with sensors - fail. The Chinese are
        extradicting him back to the United States even though the individual has
        been gone for many years perhaps. Maybe the cult extends back even to the
        states and some of the group's previous encounters. Delta Green must
        interrogate or possibly "deprogram" the individual to get the information
        necessary about the cult's activites in China and their plans for the
        Eclipse. Perhaps the Chinese Government's sensory equipment is being
        hijacked for use by the cult in order to correctly program the machine in
        the mountain....

        The Chinese Government is actually disturbing ancient spiritual sites in
        order to maximize their gravitional readings during the Eclipse, the remote
        observatories and the cave in the suburb are actually above much larger
        substructures designed to harness energy from Eclipses and channel them into
        ancient alien machinery (perhaps even Serpent People temples or Mi Go
        sites). The Chinese Government is operating off of ancient texts prepared
        for an Emperor of the Shang dynasty on the supposed origins of Earthquakes
        in the region. The observers have begun to interfere in the collection of
        these energies from the Eclipse and the cults who have long since maintained
        these "holy" sites have decided to try and stop the Chinese government. This
        could all come to surface for the Delta Green investigators as a foreign
        (American) astronomer is kidnapped in an observatory a week or so before the
        Eclipse is scheduled to occur. An actual hostage situation could occur by
        cultists masquerading as Anti-Government rebels or the astronomer could
        simply disappear altogether. Exploration of the site and how the rebels
        entered the observatory may reveal the tunnels beneath that lead to the
        larger ancient structure below it - rife with many troubles. This revelation
        could lead them to believe that all the sites have similar structures
        beneath them - perhaps a Chinese gov. document that reveals the original
        Shang Dynasty report to the Emperor.

        On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 1:52 AM, James Haughton

        > --- In dglist@yahoogroups.com <dglist%40yahoogroups.com>, Marshall Gatten
        > <marshall@...> wrote:
        > >
        > > The first thought I had was this: The last total solar eclipse visible
        > > from the Tibetan Plateau (and thus, from the Plateau of Leng) was just
        > > last year on August 1st. There happened to be a 6.1 magnitude earthquake
        > > in China that day. Now let's throw in a small group of astronomer hikers
        > > who went to Tibet to view the eclipse. As the eclipse passed they were
        > > watching it through their equipment on the Tibetan Plateau when the
        > > earthquake hit (caused, clearly, by the intrusion of non-euclidean space
        > > into our local geometry). The geometric anomalies caused them to shift
        > > into a parallel space and they found themselves on the wrong Plateau.
        > > They have been prisoners of the Men of Leng ever since. But, being
        > > eclipse enthusiasts, they knew that another eclipse was due in less than
        > > a year and that it would be an even bigger one. So they've been planning
        > > their escape ever since. Yesterday, as totality passed the Tibetan
        > > Plateau, five of them successfully crossed back over and appeared in
        > > Tibet. But their mind-rending time spent in Leng has caused them to
        > > become mentally degenerate. At least a couple of them have become
        > > converts to the worship of Atlach Nacha and perhaps they even brought
        > > some Men of Leng along for the ride. They are holed up for now, taking
        > > the opportunity to enjoy their first cheeseburgers in nearly a year. But
        > > soon there will begin a series of sacrifices and unexplainable
        > > phenomena. Let's hope our DG agents are ready!
        > >
        > A variant of this one: it's almost-respectable science that UFO sitings and
        > earthquakes tend to go together. Most people think (hah) that this is
        > because of piezoelectric effects in the earth's crust. Actually, it's
        > because earthquakes are triggered by geometry disruptions; and the
        > combination of crustal movement and non-euclidian space makes them perfect
        > focal points for the Mi-Go to stage their mining/extraction operations. it's
        > like a motherlode of transdimensional elements.
        > So, imagine you're a mi-go in your old stomping ground, the Himalayas,
        > getting ready to mine out the big one in the 5 minute opening, and you
        > suddenly find a bunch of those primitive but creative monkeys on site trying
        > to measure the geometry disruption. What do you do? That's right, quickly
        > pith their brains for further study.
        > Now, what do the chinese do when some of their astrophysicists are found in
        > Tibet with their brains extracted? Whatever it is, it won't be pretty.

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