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New Operation for Delta Green now up on Patreon: Life in a Box

An all new operation for Delta Green available for Patrons only here  (Become a Patron today!) LIFE IN
Dennis Detwiller
May 24

Period UK docs about UFO cults

Perfect real-world props for if you want to run something set around the time DG: Countdown came out. "It might sound more like a plot for The X-Files than a
May 20

Re: GenCon games for DG

... Now I've run this twice, and the experience was pretty similar. Still too much dice rolling for combat and the players hurrying too much to get to the end
Jussi Kenkkilä
May 17

Re: GenCon games for DG

I am also hoping to get to Dragon Con this year. DM On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 3:49 AM, Jussi Kenkkilä jussi.kenkkila@... ... -- OOC Masq: Acknowledge,
David March
May 16

Re: Gencon 2015 Events?

fhp1111, I am running two of my own scenarios, "Operation Black Eclipse" and "Planes, Trains and Manuscripts." Black Eclipse is a special ops scenario
Jason Fritz
May 15

Re: GenCon games for DG

... I'm not going all the way there, but I'll be GM:ing "Cold Dead Hand" at Ropecon (the largest Finnish RPG con) today. To speed up play, I made a
Jussi Kenkkilä
May 15

Re: GenCon games for DG

Not going to GenCon, but definitely going to DragonCon. I would be most willing to help out there. The Thug Whisperer "Back off man! I'm a scientist." ...
May 14

GenCon games for DG

Hey gang, we're scraping around to get as many games at GenCon as we can. If you're going and you'd be interested in running a Delta Green game or two (or
Shane Ivey
May 14

Gencon 2015 Events?

Looks like a lot of great sounding events for Delta Green at Indy this year! I’d like to play in one, and hopefully meet some of you. Is anyone from this
May 14

I'm not saying it was ghouls...

but it was ghouls: "New York said workers at a Brooklyn cemetery discovered a casket containing bones and trash dumped on the street. Police said employees at
May 11

Re: If geeks can find spies, why can't DG find cultists?

The problem is that the public have read too many spy fi novels and seen too many technothrillers and expect agents display the same levels of cunning and
Chris Cooper
May 8

Re: [UK OFFICIAL] [dglist] Looks like the Friendlies got careless...

I'm not sure if Scott's FB is publicly visible. From looking at it earlier, the salient points were: - They made a mess of their Mason lore. - The key person
Jeremy Zimmerman
May 7

Re: NASA's heartbeat sensor

The rubble is a collateral result of the last time they used this to find someone behind solid concrete. On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 2:25 PM Shane Ivey
James Knevitt
May 7

NASA's heartbeat sensor

For finding disaster victims and, you know, other things. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4574 "FINDER has previously demonstrated capabilities
Shane Ivey
May 7

Re: If geeks can find spies, why can't DG find cultists?

That's the real trick, isn't it? Plenty of opportunity for red herrings as agents chase who they think is a serious threat only to find out he's just a Crowley
James Knevitt
May 7
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