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(Job Alert) Chief Technical Advisor, 22 June 2009, Mekong River Commission, Lao PDR.

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    ... Job Alert sent out by DevNetJobs: International Development Jobs http://www.devnetjobs.org ... Mekong River Commission The role of MRC is to co-ordinate
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      Job Alert sent out by DevNetJobs: International Development Jobs

      Mekong River Commission

      The role of MRC is to co-ordinate and promote co-operation in all fields of sustainable development, utilization, management and conservation of the water and related resources of the Mekong Basin.

      MRC is looking for a qualified international candidate to fill the following position:

      Chief Technical Advisor
      Fisheries Programme
      Post level L-5, based in Vientiane, Lao PDR

      This position is currently based at the MRC Secretariat in Vientiane, Lao PDR. The Job Description is provided below. Other information about MRC can be obtained at MRC's website http://www.mrcmekong.org

      Application procedures:
      The application must include a cover letter outlining clearly how the candidate meets the requirements of the position. The post/programme title must be indicated in the application letter. In addition to the cover letter, the applicant should include his/her detailed CV and MRC Personal History Form and send to:

      Mekong River Commission Secretariat
      P.O. Box 6101, Vientiane, 01000, Lao PDR
      Email: mrcs@...

      Women are encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be notified

      Closing date for applications: 22 JUNE 2009



      Updated: May 2009
      Title: Technical Advisor
      Functional Title: Chief Technical Advisor, Fisheries Programme
      Division: Operations Division
      Level of post: L-05 (International Professional)
      Duration: One-year contract renewable
      Location: Vientiane, Lao PDR
      Reporting to: Programme Coordinator, Fisheries Programme

      The Mekong River Commission (MRC) was established by the 1995 Agreement on Co-operation for the Sustainable Development of the Mekong River Basin, between the governments of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Viet Nam. In accordance with this Agreement, the Mission of MRC is: "To promote and coordinate sustainable management and development of water and related resources for the countries' mutual benefit and the people's well being by implementing strategic programmes and activities and providing scientific information and policy advice."

      The MRC Secretariat is the technical and administrative arm of the MRC. It provides technical and administrative services to the JC and the Council to achieve the MRC's mission.

      The Operations Division is charged with managing the implementation of the various Sector Programmes; the Agriculture, Irrigation and Forestry Programme (AIFP), the Fisheries Programme (FP), the Navigation Programme (NAP), the Tourism Programme (TOP) and the Water Resources Management Programme (WRMP). These programmes focus on specific sectors and address regional issues that are significant to the management of the entire Mekong River Basin. While the programmes have a regional focus, they also complement and support initiatives at the national and trans-boundary levels.

      The Fisheries Programme
      The Fisheries Programme generates and communicates fisheries information in close co-operation with end users, and facilitates the use of this information by management agencies and resource user communities. It is the programme's objective that this information is used by all relevant stakeholders in management planning and implementation. It is expected that the achievement of this objective will significantly contribute to the programme's development objective of "Riparian countries maximizing the socio-economic benefits of fisheries production in the LMB whilst maintaining the fishery".

      3. JOB SUMMARY
      The Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) works under the overall supervision of the Director of Operations Division of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat and the direct supervision of the Fisheries Programme Coordinator. The CTA works in close collaboration with the FP Coordinator on aspects of management and implementation of the programme. The CTA is expected to maintain a strategic focus for the programme as a whole, assisting the Programme Coordinator and other professional staff to keep the programme focused and to ensure that the FP delivers the information needed by MRCS. The CTA must take the initiative to adjust or rebalance overall or specific activities to ensure that the programme remains on track to achieve its purpose.

      4. KEY TASKS
      The incumbent, in collaboration with the Fisheries Programme Coordinator, performs the following tasks:
      Leadership and Management of Technical Matters:
      - Leads the development of work plans for the various components of the programme and reviews progress against these, taking action to ensure that objectives, targets and outputs are achieved;
      - Establishes and maintains an overall programme strategy, and monitors and takes action as necessary to ensure that the programme remains on track to achieve its outputs and purpose;
      - Identifies emerging issues and trends relevant to the implementation of FP, and in conjunction with the FP coordinator, develop mechanisms and approaches to deal with the matters of concern and ensure the continuing responsiveness of the FP to the needs of MRC;
      - Supervises FP specialists (both riparian and international) and consultants in matters relating to technical work, to ensure the quality and timeliness of the work;
      - Provides on the job training to POs on technical issues related to fisheries;
      Management and Administration support to FP Coordinator:
      - Develops and maintains an effective working relationship with the FP Coordinator, based on mutual trust, support and collegiality;
      - Assists the Programme Coordinator and CEO in fund raising activities (grant requests and justifications, presentations, budgetary analyses and the like) for the FP;
      - Provides general and specific assistance to the FP Coordinator in management, administration and implementation of the FP at all levels to ensure effective delivery of the programme;
      - Assists the Programme Coordinator in coordinating and mobilizing the resources and technical requirements for the main activities of the FP;
      - Maintains links with other regional fisheries organizations undertaking fisheries activities in the Mekong, with a view to coordination as required;
      - Drafts Terms of Reference, specifications, tender documents, etc., for employment of program staff and consultants;
      Coordination of Reporting and Publications:
      - Takes overall responsibility for the identification, process to publication and quality of technical and general reports. This will involve conceptualisation of reports necessary for MRCS and its planning processes; general reports on fisheries for the use of both MRCS and national governments; technical reporting of FP work; Proceedings of the Annual Mekong Fisheries Technical Symposium; and the regular newsletter Catch and Culture (three issues per year);
      - Drafts inception report, progress reports, and completion report and other routine reports in accordance with MRCS procedures and specific requirements of the program;
      - Ensures the quality of the reports such as inception reports, progress and activity reports, internal performance appraisal, etc. Prepares other reports as required. Supervises and coaches FP staff in the presentation of their work at public and technical symposiums, meetings and workshops;
      - Coordinates and communicates with senior management and other programmes of MRCS and stakeholders for knowledge sharing and dissemination of FP results and outcomes;
      - Guides and supports general advocacy, promotion and dissemination of FP outcomes; represents the FP in public forums and technical meetings;
      Other duties:
      - Performs any other duties related to the coordination and implementation of the Fisheries Program as assigned by the Program Coordinator and the Director of the Operations Division.

      a. Supervision requirements: The incumbent does not directly supervise staff. But s/he will, in close collaboration with the Programme Coordinator, guide and manage staff and consultants working within the Fisheries Programme.
      b. Level of autonomy: Decision making is largely advisory.
      c. Level of problem solving required: An ability to think creatively and solve complex problems is required.
      d. Level and type of communications required: Communications are wide, both within and outside of the organisation. High level interpersonal, communication and report writing skills are required.

      a. Core Values: Integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity
      b. Core Competencies: Communication, teamwork, planning and organising, accountability, creativity, client Orientation, commitment to continuous learning, and technological awareness.
      c. Managerial Competencies: Vision, leadership, empowering others, building trust, managing performance, and judgement/decision-making.

      - Advanced degree (preferably a PhD) in fisheries biology or socio-economics, or related field.
      - At least 15 years experience in leadership of fisheries management and development projects, with a proven record of successful staff management.
      - High level understanding of the ecology of riverine fisheries, particularly in the Mekong context, is essential. This includes knowledge of dams and their impact on fisheries, and well as the possibilities for mitigation.
      - Proven ability to conceptualise, develop and successfully implement projects, as well as a high level experience in managing fisheries projects, including writing project applications, obtaining financial resources, intra- and inter-institutional cooperation, budget management, expenditure tracking, and supervision of consultants.
      - High level understanding of communicating science to a broad audience as well as demonstrated ability to mentor staff; an understanding and commitment to institutionalising information and knowledge is essential.
      - Working experience in the Mekong riparian countries is beneficial.
      - Fluency in written and spoken English is essential.

      Incumbent: ____________ ( ) Date: __________

      Programme Coordinator: - _____( ) Date: __________


      Brief information on remuneration

      The remuneration package, subject to change, includes (i) annual net base salary exempt from tax by Lao authorities, starting at US$ 83,089 (L-05, step 1, dependency rate); (ii) a monthly variable Post Adjustment (US$ 34,648 per year as of May 2009) (iii) 6 weeks' annual vacation; (iv) MRC's contribution to staff member's Provident fund of 14% of basic salary upon completion of 3 years in service; (v) Contribution of MRC to Health and Accident insurances (on shared basis with employee); (vi) other entitlements and benefits such as Hardship Allowance, Dependency benefits, Rental Subsidy, Education Grant, Relocation Grant, Travel cost and Shipment expenses on assignment and upon separation, Repatriation Grant, Home Leave Travel, etc.


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