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JOB ALERT: Manager of WaterCredit, WaterPartners International, USA

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    ... INSTANT JOB ALERT SENT BY http://www.DevNetJobs.org International Development Jobs and Consultancies ... Manager of WaterCredit WaterPartners International
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2006
      INSTANT JOB ALERT SENT BY http://www.DevNetJobs.org
      International Development Jobs and Consultancies

      Manager of WaterCredit
      WaterPartners International

      Reports to: Director of International Programs


      WaterPartners International has pioneered the use of micro-
      financing, micro project-financing, and other innovative financial
      tools in the water and sanitation sector under its WaterCredit
      Initiative.TM WaterPartners has launched multiple pilot projects
      in micro-financing/micro project-financing for water, sanitation &
      hygiene education (WS&H) in India, Kenya and Bangladesh. Working
      closely with WaterPartners' Director of International Programs, the
      Manager of WaterCredit will provide leadership, strategic direction,
      and technical support related to applications of innovative
      financing solutions in the WS&H sector. This person will lead in
      evolving and executing pilot projects, scaling-up pilot projects and
      replicating the pilots in numerous additional developing countries.
      Responsibilities include:

      Planning and Analysis

      In collaboration with the Director of International Programs,
      develop an annual comprehensive plan for WaterCredit activities,
      including strategies, timelines, costs and financial goals.
      Monitor progress of WaterCredit plan goals and adjust plans as
      necessary to ensure overall goals are met.
      In collaboration with the Director of International Programs, review
      WaterCredit objectives quarterly, evaluate effectiveness of the
      program, and seek feedback from Director on an ongoing basis.

      International MFI Partner Organization Evaluation and Monitoring

      Develop and implement strategy for evaluating and monitoring
      existing international micro-finance institution (MFI) Partner
      Organizations that are executing pilot projects. Establish strong
      contractual and reporting standards with these partners.
      Identify new MFI Partner Organizations through contacts in the
      microfinance field, and lead comprehensive evaluations of potential
      MFI Partner Organizations.

      Microfinance pilot project scale-up and replication in new countries

      Develop, implement and manage a strategy for scaling-up existing
      microfinance projects with MFI Partner Organizations. Identify
      opportunities for WaterPartners International to add value in
      microfinance lending, including creative financing solutions such as
      credit enhancement facilities, letters of credit, equity
      investments, etc.
      Identify mechanisms for expansion and replication of the successful
      pilot projects to new countries. Lead staff and collaborating
      partners in identifying new MFI Partner Organizations in these
      target countries through contacts in the WS&H and micro-finance
      field. Manage comprehensive evaluations of new MFI Partner
      Provide policy leadership and support to MFI Partner Organizations
      and MFI networks working to open up the existing regulatory
      environment to allow more innovative micro-finance lending options
      in WS&H.

      International Offices

      Develop strategy for hiring finance/micro-finance experts (based in
      WaterPartners' country offices) to manage relationships with local
      Together with Country Directors, manage international finance/micro-
      finance staff and/or contractors working in the country offices.


      Collaborate with Director of International Programs and external
      consultants on developing research strategy to assess the impact,
      effectiveness and scalability of WaterCredit programs.
      Coordinate the execution of this research strategy drawing on in-
      house staff and third-party researchers.

      Other duties will be required or requested for effective job
      performance. This is not a contract for employment but an outline
      of essential functions and expectations.


      · Successful experience working in the international
      finance/micro-finance industry, particularly in bringing new
      products to the market and expanding into new lending areas.

      · Background in economics, business or finance.

      Excellent verbal and written communications, management, leadership,
      teamwork, networking, budgeting and problem solving skills.
      Must demonstrate critical thinking, creativity, good judgment,
      initiative, attention to detail and professionalism.


      At least 5 years of direct experience in finance/microfinance in a
      developing country context.
      Master's degree in related field such as international development,
      international finance/economics.
      Must be willing to travel at least 30% to international projects.
      US citizenship or an H1-B work visa is required.

      Contact Information:

      Please submit resume and cover letter to Personnel Director via
      email at info@...

      About WaterPartners International:

      WaterPartners International is a dynamic, rapidly growing
      international organization addressing the global water supply
      crisis. We are committed to providing clean drinking water to
      communities in developing countries. Working in partnership with
      donors and those in need of safe water, we have helped people around
      the world develop accessible, sustainable, community-level water
      supplies. With increasing support from foundations, government and
      individuals we will exceed $3.5 million in revenue this year,
      providing the opportunity to greatly expand our work. You can learn
      more at www.water.org

      Position will be filled upon location of a suitable candidate, but
      no earlier than January 1, 2007.


      The above job notice is also posted at:
      http://www.DevNetJobs.org and can be accessed at:
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