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PRAXIS-8th International Thematic PRA Training Workshop

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    ... ===== Dear Friend, Greetings from PRAXIS India! We are pleased to announce the 8th International Thematic PRA Training
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
      >===== Original Message From "International workshop"
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      Dear Friend,

      Greetings from PRAXIS India!

      We are pleased to announce the 8th International Thematic PRA Training
      Workshop to be organized from 25th October to 4th November 2004.

      Attached in this message please find the brochure of the workshop which
      includes the registration form. The last date for registrations is 10 th
      September 2004. However, we encourage international participants to apply
      as early as possible so that we can take care of the necessary legalities
      in advance.

      We would appreciate it if you could forward the announcement to others
      who may be interested in participating in the workshop.

      With regards,

      Anurag Sinha and Catherine Kannam
      Coordination Team
      8th International Thematic PRA Training Workshop



      PRAXIS is a not for profit development support organization committed to
      democratization of development processes and institutions to ensure that
      the voices of poor women, men and children are heard and acted upon.

      PRAXIS is conducting the eighth edition of the annual International
      Thematic PRA Training Workshop for senior and mid level development
      workers from 25th October to 4th November 2004.

      Over 700 participants from 35 countries and organizations, including
      ActionAid, CARE, CCF, CRS, Concern, IDS-Sussex, IIED, NIPRANET (Nigeria),
      OXFAM, PARENT (Tanzania), UNDP, UNOPS, World Bank, UNICEF, World Food
      Programme , have participated in our workshops and have proclaimed them
      as "outstanding!"


      - Explore the principles, approaches and tools of participatory
      - Discover the latest innovations developed by practitioners world wide;
      - Provide invaluable hands-on learning opportunities through field work
      in villages and urban slums; and
      - Focus on participatory methodologies in specific thematic work areas.


      The workshop will be held in:
      -- A Participatory manner, and in English (with translation available for

      -- Modules are chosen in accord with interests expressed by participants.
      Each participant is requested to choose two modules and indicate their
      first and second preference.

      -- Experience in using participatory tools is necessary for all modules
      excluding PRA-Basics & Principles. Participants who are likely to
      facilitate community leadership will be given preference for Training of
      Trainers Module.

      -- Based on the responses received from participants, five modules will
      be selected and run simultaneously. Approximately 25 applicants will be
      selected for each module. If the module that is stated as first
      preference by a participant is not run or full, then the participant will
      be shifted to the module of second preference. Therefore, each participant
      can attend only one module through the workshop.


      Modules will run simultaneously. Each participant, based on their area
      of interest, may choose one module from the ones listed below.

      1) PRA - BASICS & PRINCIPLES is designed especially for PRA beginners.
      Every year, many people learn the basic usage of PRA tools in this course.
      It is one of the most popular courses in the workshop.

      2) PARTICIPATORY MONITORING & EVALUATION is one of the fields in which
      participatory approaches are becoming increasingly common. The module
      provides inputs on several methods of participatory Monitoring and
      Evaluation, such as Social Audit and Development Audit using PRA tools.

      to understand how poor people themselves perceive poverty. The module
      includes the use of participatory methodologies to understand poverty,
      to identify appropriate policy measures, and ways to address the real
      of the poor in a disaggregated manner.

      4) PARTICIPATORY MICRO LEVEL PLANNING - To implement a program, it is
      veryimportant to involve people in analysing their own situations in order
      to make a comprehensive and sustainable development plan. This module
      offer insights on how to apply participatory tools in the planning

      5) PRA - TRAINING OF TRAINERS (TOT) is meant for people who are already
      adept in the use of PRA in their respective fields and are now thinking
      of moving on to the next step, which is training others in PRA. This
      module focuses on what are the required skills, attitudes and behaviours
      that a trainer needs to possess along with providing information on
      diverse training methodologies.

      6) PARTICIPATORY VIDEO provides the means to use video as a communication
      tool to empower and give voice to the stakeholders, particularly the
      poor. Participants will be given hands on experience in providing a
      participatory video film.

      7) PARTICIPATION AND GOVERNANCE - The module will explore issues and
      challenges in inclusion of the poor and seek solutions to enhance their
      participation in governance. It will probe both conceptual and

      TIME FRAME - 25th October to 4th November 2004


      In addition to PRAXIS facilitators, the workshop would be facilitated by
      some of the best known proponents of PRA in the world today, including
      Dr. Robert Chambers from the University of Sussex, England. Past external
      facilitators have included Dr. John Gaventa, Dr. Amitava Mukherjee, Mr.
      Sam Joseph, Mr. Kamal Kar, Ms. Sheelu Francis, and Mr. Somesh Kumar among


      USD 1,500 for international participants
      Rs 18,000 for Indian participants

      -- Fees include board, lodging on a twin sharing basis, reading material
      and local transport.

      -- All fees should be remitted through account payee demand draft in
      favour of PRAXIS Institute for Participatory Practices payable at New
      Delhi, India, along with the registration form.

      -- Partial financial support is available to a very few deserving
      participants from developing countries. Those interested may apply with
      their CVs and justification, well in advance.

      The venue of the workshop will be announced shortly

      For further details and registration, please contact:

      Workshop Coordination Team (Catherine Kannam and Anurag Sinha)
      PRAXIS - Institute for Participatory Practices
      C-75 South Extension Part II, New Delhi - 110 049
      Tel & Fax: (+91 11) 5164-2348/49/50/51
      Email: workshop2004@...

      If you are interested then please fill the attached form below and send
      by the 10th of September, 2004.




      Please register me as a participant in the 8th International Thematic PRA
      Training Workshop.

      Name: Mr. /Ms ____________________________________________

      Professional Association: ________________________________

      Address: _________________________________________________

      Country: _________________________________________________

      Telephone: _______________________________________________

      Fax: _____________________________________________________

      Email: ___________________________________________________

      Current Profession and Responsibilities: _________________


      Thematic Areas of Interest: (Please indicate first and second

      ... PRA Basics & Principles
      ... Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
      ... Participatory Research & Poverty Assessment
      ... Participation and Governance
      ... Participatory Micro Level Planning
      ... PRA - Training of Trainers (TOT)
      ... Participatory Video

      Personal Experience Using PRA: ___High ___Medium ___Low

      I would like to use the skills acquired from this training for:



      I am remitting an amount of _______ by way of DD No.______

      Dated: _______________ Drawn on (bank): ___________________


      Date of Birth:
      Place of Birth: Nationality:
      Passport No: Place of Issue of Passport:
      Date of Passport Issue: Date of Passport Expiry:
      Current Residential Address:

      SIGNATURE AND DATE (All Applicants): _____________________

      Please detach this form and send either by e -mail or post to the PRAXIS
      office in New Delhi so as to reach us by 25th August 2004.

      PRAXIS - Institute for Participatory Practices
      C-75 South Extension Part II, New Delhi, India - 110 049
      Tel & Fax: (+91 11) 5164-2348/49/50/51
      Email: workshop2004@...
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