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Vaccines contain toxic heavy metals like mercury and aluminum that can impair brain function and lead to violent and irrational behavior. For more information,
Dudley Delany
May 5

Christmas Music

Hi Everyone, For all who celebrate the joy and wonder of Christmas, this is an exceptionally beautiful carol that I know many will enjoy:
Dudley Delany
Dec 23, 2016


Hi Everyone, Another year has come and gone and it is once again the Christmas Season. I heard this Christmas song for the first time this month, and I am
Dudley Delany
Dec 19, 2015

Re: Oktoberfest Music

Hi Dudley, Thanks for the New Orleans variant of oom-pah band music. I just played the link, and it's lovely! Yes, Dudley, I did a search for oom-pah band
Sep 27, 2015

Re: Oktoberfest Music

Hi Marti, There's lots of German oom-pah band music posted on YouTube. Just do a search and you'll find it. You may also like this New Orleans variant of
Dudley Delany
Sep 27, 2015

Re: Oktoberfest Music

Thanks very much, Dudley! This is great! If you find any more genuine Oktoberfest music like this selection, please post the link for us again. Many thanks
Sep 27, 2015

Oktoberfest Music

Hi All, The Oktoberfest season is here once again and, for me, by far the best part of the event is the music. This site offers 26 uninterrupted minutes of
Dudley Delany
Sep 27, 2015

Extremely good polka music

" AnObserver" said It perfectly when he said 'I cannot process this large a dose of optimism and happiness ..' I don't remember being that happy .
Mar 24, 2015

YouTube Collection of 50 German Songs

Hi Everyone, This link features a delightful collection of fifty German songs that I know you'll appreciate:
Dudley Delany
Mar 16, 2015

Re: Music for Karneval

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, having LOTS of Karneval Music on Youtube is more of a hindrance than a help. One could lose an entire day - or a few
Simon Bao
Jan 24, 2015

Re: Music for Karneval

Check withe Youtube Karneval Music There is Plenty Sent: Sat, Jan 24, 2015 10:26 am Subject: [Deutsche Lieder] Music for Karneval Greetings: Can anyone
Jan 24, 2015

Music for Karneval

Greetings: Can anyone recommend one or more albums of tunes that do a really good job of representing German music at Karneval? I've searched through Amazon,
Jan 24, 2015

More German Christmas Music

Hello All, For another collection of beautiful German Christmas music, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERm8zpFuEaQ Enjoy! Dudley Delany
Dudley Delany
Dec 25, 2014

"Thinking of You"

Hi Folks, Here's an American oom-pah band from the 1920s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V7UHWK97Gw Love it!] Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas!
Dudley Delany
Dec 25, 2014

Christmas Music from Germany and Austria

Hello Everyone, To hear over half an hour of beautiful Christmas music from Germany and Austria as sung by the choir of the Vienna State Opera, visit
Dudley Delany
Dec 24, 2014
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