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639Babysitting needed in the fall-4 hrs-night classes on Thursdays!

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  • Sybille Otterstein
    Jul 13, 2010
      Hi All!
      I hope you are enjoying the summer, wherever you are. I would like to know if anybody has an idea or contact for me. I have tried the professional caregivers, but they take more money for babysitting than I earn in my job right now ($11-15 or more). So, here it goes:

      I am taking night classes at Meramec College. August 26 my next class starts and it is a weekly course from 6-10 PM until October 17, 2010. A total of 10 nights. Their Child care center closed on June 4th for good. Please let me know if  you know anybody to babysit Alina that late. Maybe you know somebody responsible and older, like a high school student or an adult, who needs to make some extra money. I cannot pay much, but reasonably.
      I may be able to get some help after September 6. So, I need help for those first two sessions most urgently.

      Thanks anyway for any thought on this and
      have a good time.
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