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150Services and Annoucements Oct4-10

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  • St. Mark St. Mary, St. Philopater Church
    Oct 4, 2010

      St. Mary & St. Philopater Coptic Orthodox Church


      Weekly Schedule of Services

      Oct 4th, 2010 to Oct 10th, 2010



      If you would like to donate clothing that is either new or in good condition to be sent to Egypt's poor please contact Mona Saleh at 586-731-8668.  The clothing cannot be left at church. You must make arrangements with Mona for pickup or delivery.
      Please contact her as soon as possible to give the volunteers time to sort and prepare the clothing for shipment.


      The Social Committee would like to let you know that social events calendar can be viewed on the churches website, www.stmarkmi.org, on the left you will see a link to the social calendar. Or click here:

      http://cid-df467a1b 141482cb.calendar.live.com/calendar/private/2562817f -d982-4c49- b6bb-aecf0b87406 a/9b369f0b- fb4c-44d3- b319-a1295b6a6e3 b/index.html

      To reserve and update with your event, such as; engagements, weddings, baptisms, baby and bridal showers, etc, please confirm with priest, then contact

      Magda Attia cell: 248-842-6272 home: 248-250-7098


      Social Services needs your help! They are looking for individuals who can assist new comers by driving them to appointments, government offices, etc. Any job openings and if you have a used car you can donate.



      Monday, Oct 4th

      Confession with Father Maximus

      Tuesday, Oct 5th

      Confession with Father Mina

      Thursday, Oct 7th

      7:00am Liturgy (St. Mary)

      Friday, Oct 8th

      9:30am Liturgy (St.Mark)

      7:30-9:30 Bible Study Service in Ann Arbor

      7:30pm-9:30pm  Evening Raising of Incense and Bible Study in Ann Arbor  

      Saturday,Oct 9th

      8:30am-11:30am Liturgy in Ann Arbor

      Highschool Confessions with Abouna Mina

      5:30pm High school Hymn Class

      6:30pm Raising of incense

      7:30pm Hymn classes

      7:30pm Youth meeting

      8:30pm General Hymn class

      9:00pm Midnight Praise

      Sunday, Oct 10th

      7:00am Arabic Liturgy

      8:30am English Liturgy

      11:30am Sunday school

      12:30pm Servants meeting