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new movie about The Reptilians on dvd now

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  • anita grayson
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2006
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      Dear Truthseekers:

      Two mainstream filmmakers from Hollywood, California have found the courage to make a movie about how Dick Cheney is a satanist and a war monger. The movie is called "The Brandon Corey Story" and it is available now on dvd at


      here is what David Icke himself has said about the film:

      "The story that this movie tells so superbly portrays what is happening in your world today. Our power to stop this is knowledge - the knowledge of what is going on behind the smoke and mirrors presented as "news" by the mainstream media. This movie is a significant contribution to that knowledge and, therefore, to the power that can set us free."

      -David Icke (about the new movie "The Brandon Corey Story")

      The movie is fictional but it features David Icke playing himself. Think of it as "The Blair Witch Project" for David Icke supporters. Its got some great stuff in it including the following scenes:

      A shapeshift (see a U.S. Secret Service Agent protecting Dick Cheney, turn into a reptilian) and some great stuff including a break-in into Bohemian Grove, revelations of underground tunnels, and a satanic blood drinking ritual in which a reptilian can be seen sacrificing a women.

      These are the types of movies that portray real events and it is our hope to get this movie into the mainstream so that these important topics are once and for all seen by the masses. We have to remember that we are not taken seriously by the mainstream. At TruthseekerTV, it is our intention to smuggle these important and real events into movies so that the mainstream wakes up. Like John Carpenter's "They Live" or "The Matrix". But I'm not going to mince words,...we need David Icke supporters everywhere to support this film, then we can walk this into Sci-Fi Channel, HBO, Showtime, and all the others and say, "see there is an audience out there for this, the people want the truth, put this on the air."

      --Jimi Petulla
      Producer of "The Brandon Corey Story" and the hit film "Reversal"

      If you want to see a trailer for the film go to http://www.truthseekertv.com<http://www.truthseekertv.com/>.

      5 other things you can do:

      1.) Forward this email to 10 other supporters
      2.) Buy this film for friends and family
      3.) Spread the word
      4.) Send an email to Sci-Fi Channel and the others and let them know that this is the type of programming you want on the air. You can use feedback@...<mailto:feedback@...>
      5.) Buy the film for yourself.

      Thank you for your support.


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